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User Name:chibi_libra810
Last Visited On:Nov. 07th, 2012, 20:33:03, PST
Registered On:February 02, 2004
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Biography:Please to be ignoring this bio since it hasn't been updated in years. I don't want to leave the space blank so I'll come up with a new one before I delete this one. What was I thinking, the folly of our youth eh?

Hey I'm a newbie! ...*sob* I know its so sad to see yet another wannabe writer grace your presense and pollute your air with her breath and also come to (try) your glory and (try again) to steal your well acclaimed praise, but I do it so damned well *sighs in awe of herself* ^-^
Well I hope thats convinced you I'm a nut and I escaped the Rosenhan experiment with one of the true sane people (a bit of Psychology history humour) basically I like Psychology and Biology thats why if i ramble off about them its a good thing, just dont get me on Mathematics and Chemistry and I wont bore you with long winded rants of why those subjects are the evil plague of the scientific community yadda yadda yadda z_z *snores can be heard in the background*
Well i think i should tell you something more concrete about myself so you can get to work judging my character and so forth, so here goes (and be warned its gonna be one long arse I.D profile) >=3

Name: chibi-chan for now and always more
Age: im 17 years 4 months 13 days 9 hours 4 minutes and 27 seconds and counting...
Gender: i am all feMALE! ...damn those caps *innocent whistle*
Height: i stand an impressively proud full grown 5 foot and half an inch (hence my chibi~ness)
Weight: i am actually very fattish *goes to weigh self since she said she would say it* 74kg u_u for all you yanks that arent metric GO CONVERT IT! in stones thats about 12ish i think
Eyes: pretty much your average black, well dark brown but coz im bespecled (wearing glasses...all the time) they look black
Ears: pierced once on each side (since i was tottering around as an infant) and they are quite normal sans mutations
Nose: i have one...and unfortunately its a honker
Hair: Looooooooooooooooooooong, straight and black...for now
Skin: (Indian so im yellow...ok so brown but yellow in a sense) well i see it this way if i am to be judged on my race i will let you in on it before hand so you can just leave me alone or so i can try and make your life hell xD

...woweee so ive rambled on quite a bit and you know nothing about my interests! oh how we weep at our own incompetence *off in la-la land*
er so yeah!
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