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User Name:Elenek
Name/Nick:Lisa / El
Last Visited On:Jul. 05th, 2013, 22:01:08, PDT
Registered On:March 03, 2004
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Yahoo Handle:n/a
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Biography:Just a grad student that spends way to much time watching cartoons.

Any e-mails go straight to a junk mail box which does get checked and pruned before emptied so make sure you leave the fic name in the Subject line or it wont get read.

Live Journal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/elenek/

Swarm Saga - Chapter 12 is UP.

Note: All of these are either complete or are actively being updated. I've learned that in general, anything you read by the following authors will be good. However, these are a few of my favorites. Please pay attention to the author's ratings and warnings. This list contains some of both NC-17 and Yaoi.

MajinSue – New Steps and Walk Like a Man – Majin Sue’s writing is very natural and human. You relate to the characters very easily. Almost
. . . . .as if you can walk up and touch them.
EmberMaxximus – Mischief Makers – It’s a lot of fun. There’s not much else to it. And EM is allowing me to borrow Trunk's tattoo.
Gravidy - The Vagabonds of Chikyuu - It's only three chapters but what chapters they are. Absolutely spellbinding. It's mystery, horror,
. . . . .ghost story, suspense writing at its best. If you read nothing else read this.
pixelgoddess – Maintaining – Great fic, Great fic, Great fic, Great fic
XeroSky – Solace, Dominion (this fic so rocks), and Remembrance in that order. Trinity is also really good.
JadedBest – Old author that has not posted in a while but if you are still breathing after you read any of Vegeta’s Great Adventures (pet,
. . . . .shopping, and dating in that order) or Willpower you need to have your funny bone checked.
Bardockgurl - Any of them. They’re all good. It doesn’t matter.
MzD – Bulma’s Tail and Vegeta’s Tail – they make me smile.
KCwriter - Kakarrot’s Mask – This is just beautiful. You tingle all over when you’re done reading it.
Kahlan Nightwing - Wherever You Will Go - Dark Saiyans, Great torture scene, Should shoot the author for writing that truly evil ending
Orchideater - All of them are lots ans lots and lots of fun.
Tempestt - Dark Desire - Again, even more dark Saiyans Yummy.
AMCM74 - The Torment or Fathers Day. Both are very good.
phantomscribe72 - Hers are all exceptional.
debbiechan - Curse the Future - This is a wonderful take on the history of Vegetasei before the Bardock movie.
LisaB - What's not to like.
KimmyJarl - They all read just like poetry.
CardDragonBall – Much Like Suffocating. On AFF. Her others are also fun, but I like this best.
deanine - By Any Other Name - On FF. - Amazing Gohan gets kidnapped story. Unlike anything you've ever read. Updates are few and far
. . . . . between but she's a vet student so she's forgiven.
Dreamwraith - And I Shall Go On - on FF - Beautiful story and different perspective on the Y/B breakup.
Rhys1 - Confusion - on FF - *Grin* Very different. From an original POV - Just read it.
ilex9 - Ransom Due - on FF - Raditz/Launch - AU - Pre DBZ timeline. It is one of the most origional concepts out there and it's extremely
. . . .. well written.

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