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User Name:SamusAran of SR388
Last Visited On:Mar. 16th, 2013, 19:06:02, PDT
Registered On:March 03, 2004
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Yahoo Handle:ryudragonuv_SR388
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Biography:Taken by the government at 3, I was flash-cloned and had my clone returned to my parents. I was selected for a special SPARTAN-II project, one that would save mankind in a devastating war that was to come. During my training, I discovered my ability to control electricity, but I still had more power lurking within me. Once I was six, I had been through countless enhancements; biotechanical, biochemical, and cybernetic. I was sent to another planet, Reach, along with other kids that shared my fate, to undergo military training under CPO Mendez. Once my training had been completed, I was only 10 years of age, and that was when I was given my MJOLNIR Mark VII armor, a special suit of armor that was created from stolen alien technology and improved upon, that was able to adapt to my body as I get older. By the time I turned 14, I was the thrid best Spartan, next to SPARTAN-389, who was my real step-brother, and I was sent back to Earth to keep on guard if the Covenent ever made it past the orbital defences. However, things didn't turn out as planed: our transport was attacked and soon me and the others found ourselves fighting for our lives. During the stuggle, I discovered my shadow/psychokinetic powers and later on (at the death of an ODST that I had rescently asked out), an evil power that I called Ryu, my darker side. He took control of my body, morphed into his dragon form and just about destroyed the entire ship. Since my stay on Earth, I've learned countless things from my encounters with people. Once I met up with my friend Magnum, we started a special crime-fighting team known as Shadow Scope. Over two years of stoping rape attempts Magnum has shown the same uncanny skill with a magnum that Linda has with a sniper rifle. Soon, our team came to the aid of a pink-haired girl by the name of Jinx. The job went on like clock-work, and Magnum chose to take her with us instead of taking her to a hospital--she was attacked as the attempted rape progressed--and she joined us, turning the team name to Shadow Scope X. A few weeks later, Magnum proposed to Jinx, which she gladly accepted. A few months later, Jinx completed training to be a nurse and was certified a Class A lisence. I sent out a letter to the Teen Titans asking if my team could jion with them. They accepted.
If you wish to know what happens to Team Shadow Scope X and the Teen Titans, read Love Is A Mystery. BTW: sorry for the long wait between the updates. Also, my complete past/history will be reveiled in a later chapter.
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