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User Name:Seto_Duelist
Name/Nick:Seto Kaiba
Last Visited On:Mar. 27th, 2004, 09:43:31, PST
Registered On:March 03, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Hello. I am seto__duelist AKA Seto Kaiba. I am NOT in love with Yami(as some sick-minded people think...), and I'm the best duelist in the world! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite color is blue, my favorite duel monster is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and I am destined to hold all three God cards some day! Heh...and you know what? It's true. *smirks*

I hate people who go against my will. If they do so, I sick either my Blue-Eyes or Obelisk on them...it all depends how I feel. Either way, you're creamed.

Don't touch Mokuba! All you sick Mokuba fangirls out there...I won't let you get to him! I'll protect him with my life!! He's my brother and only ten FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

Just to clear this up...I am not paired with anyone. I shall stay single. No Tea/Anzu, no Serenity, no Isis/Ishitzu, no Mai, no Noa, and DEFINETLY no Jonouchi/Joey!!! *destroys evil Shonen-ai sites with Blue-Eyes* *laughs victoriously* FEEL THE WRATH OF THE ALMIGHTY POWERFUL BLUE-EYES WHITE DRAGON!!!

My trenchcoat is NOT for sale! People always say things like "Where did you get your trenchcoat?" or "How do they make your cape flow so much?" Well guess what. First of all, my trenchcoat is a design I made up myself. You can't have it, cause it was made specially for me. I spent good money getting it...it is my own. Second of all, it's NOT a cape! When you talk about capes...do you mean Yugi's or Malik's? Pathetic...not knowing a trenchcoat from a cape... Third, the artists seem to go overboard with the "trenchcoat flowing in the wind" thing...that's the reason why it seems to stick out like a parachute so much, so don't ask me...ask the artists...or suffer the consequences. *places Obelisk into the duel disk*

I have a few obsessions...Blue-Eyes, myself, protecting Mokuba, stabbing my Gozaburo voodoo doll with needles and other items, defeating Yugi and any others who oppose me, plotting revenge, pushing Gozaburo out the window (heh), spears, and bowling balls. Why spears?...because they're sharp and remind me of Spear Dragon. Why bowling balls?...because they're big and powerful...just my style. ;) (Don't ask. *glares*) I have other obsessions...but two many to list.

Anyways, this is Seto, signing out. I must get back to work...and take Mokuba to school. *flies off on Blue-Eyes*
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