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User Name:Angel_Sanada
Last Visited On:Nov. 22nd, 2021, 01:46:45, PST
Registered On:March 03, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:Jessica_Yuy
AIM Handle:AngelSanada
Biography:Name: Sanada Angel
Age: 41
Height: 162cm/5'4
Weight: 53kg/118 lbs and sometimes 52kg/115 lbs
Birthdate: September 3 1980
Birthplace: Yamanashi
Astrological sign: Virgo
Blood Type: O-
Favorite Sport: Football, Baseball and Softball (IRL), Cheerleadering (IC)
Interests: Work on her laptop 'cause of school, Training by Anubis except when it got harder and Martal Arts.
Dislikes: Causing trouble, interviewing, Have to train all day.

Father: professional wildlife photographer. He often goes on long expeditions, leaving money in the bank for Ryo's expenses.

Mother: Died when Ryo was very young, and when Angel was very young.

Brother: His name is Ryo Sanada. Ryo took her in after they won against Arago.

Angel's family, the Sanada, was a famous ninja clan. Angel also has never met them since her father, the heir, left the family because he disliked the strict conventions the family kept. Nearly her entire life, Angel lived in a log cabin in the mountains either in or near protected forests. It is very far in since Angel must walk with Ryo about 9 miles to get to school. By Message she has moved to Tokyo for high school also.

Actually, Angel has only seen Byakuen with her brother Ryo for several years. She met the tiger first when she was four, and again when she was seven, and then ten.

Angel recieved her yoroi a year after Arago invaded. Angel found out she was the next yoroi of the Armor of Loyalty which once belong to Shiten (Anubis) who has been training her. It was her loyal to her brother that made her kanji 'CHU' to show on her forehead.

Angel's silver yoroi is Oni, technically a representation of Spring, and draws power from any strength source. She has a weapon which is a kusari-gama, a scythe connected to a clawed weight by a chain. This is actually a ninja's weapon. Her attack is Ko Rai Sei, Red Lightning.

Angel is totally indifferent to finery and fashion and is not comfortable in social situations. However, she has a large heart and is often cheerful and lively, albeit not impatient and stubborn. She loves nature, having grown up in it and be with friends.

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