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User Name:dark irish sorceress
Last Visited On:Dec. 18th, 2011, 13:30:27, PST
Registered On:April 04, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:kitsune_miko_shigome
AIM Handle:moonmaidendld
Biography:Hmmm...I'm an InuYasha fanatic-i seriously love this show- it's my second life.I LOVE to read fanfictions of InuYasha,watch AMV's,the show(duh lol)-just about EVERYTHING INUYASHA!There are seriously a lot of great authors out there.I have a lot of favorite authors,stories,and artists.It's mostly for InuYasha but I have some Ruroni Kenshin fanfics. I also luv Cardcaptor Sakura-one of my all time faves-next to InuYasha of course(i told you its my second life!^^lol)I also want to watch the anime Fruits Basket-or read the manga.It sounds like an interesting show and I have to get my hands on it now. MUAHAHAHAHA....I think I'm going to go read some more InuYasha fanfics now ^.^ ~bye
~dark irish sorceress(a.k.a. shigome)
-March 24,2006

to add i love ccs fics and rurouni kenshin,naruto,bleach,fruits basket,and the show tsubasa chronicles but there aren't many stories for it 'cause its an alternate universe show to cardcaptor sakura and all. ~i forgot the date i added this.

hahah. in case you didn't notice i kinda make logs about my biography. hahaha. anyway, currently i an obsessed with Gundam Wing. It is a great show. I used to watch it when it was on Cartoon Network. I am a Relena/Heero fan. I also love all the pilots especially Duo and Quatre, then Trowa, then WuFei. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of R/H and i DON'T like yaoi (no offense to those who do tho). The fanfics that do have these pairings are like incomplete and it aggravates me so! *grrr-angry* well i still love the show. well, im off to go find more great R/H fanfics now. -ja ne ~November 23, 2006

ah! im back-and now i am totally in love with Howl! The movie Howl's Moving Castle is so awesome , i need to buy it and read the book-and there is one fanfic- Battles of Peacetime -that is really good and i can't wait untill it is updated! ^_^
there's another one by LadyLibrarian which is also really good but i still like the other one a *little* more-but it's still quite awesome. ^_^
~well ja ne-February 5, 2007

if anyone wants to see some amv's by me just go to this link on youtube.
~March 27, 2007

^_^ i love Naruto Shippuuden! it's so awesome. i just watched all those eps and i can't wait untill episode 18 comes out! Naruto is such a good show-some ppl hate the fillers but they can be important too, and quite entertaining. =]
~ja ne. -June 18th 2007