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User Name:Nina Angel
Last Visited On:Sep. 25th, 2010, 21:22:37, PDT
Registered On:April 04, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:gin_tsuki_hime@yahoo.com
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:~Update After 5 years~
Hullo, sorry about not being on in ages, but I was so caught up in high school, but I can give you an update. I have graduated high school and I have 2 new cousins, one is now five and the other is 3 months old just about. I've heard peoples' emails and reviews of my princess mononoke story and i shall continue it.It may not be now, but soon. In the mean time, enjoy my other stories on Fanfiction.net. My pen name is Lady Silver-kun. And on a final note, my dog died.

Fav Animes: Yu Yu Hakusho, Trigun, Spirited away, Kiki's Delivery, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Castle in the sky, lupin 3, Naruto, anything made by Miyazaki, fruits basket, digimon, and pokemon.

must see animes that i want to see: vampire princess miyu, shadow skill, ranma 1/2, magic knight rayearth, night walker, fushigi yuugi.

Fav. Movies: Lord of the rings (All movies and books), harry potter (All movies and books), braveheart, Disney Movies (I'm a kid at heart), The Last Mimzy, Water Horse, Chronicles of Narnia, batman begins & the dark knight.

Fav books: mercedes lackey, c.s. lewis, and other fantasy books.

fav yu yu hakusho characters: kurama (youko), yusuke, hiei, koenma, jin, raizen, yukina, botan, shizuru.

fav inuyasha cahracters: kouga, sesshoumaru, inuyasha, and shippo, and Miroku.

fav yugioh characters: yugi, yami, joey, kaiba, marik, and bakura (Both).

fav trigun characters: vash, wolfwood, and knives.

fav spirited away characters: haku, chihiro.

fav kiki's delivery service characters: kiki

fav rurouni kenshin character: aoshi, kenshin, sanosuke, soujirou.

lupin 3: none really

laputa: all characters

tokyo babylon: subaru

fav lotr character: legolas, gandalf, aragorn (Strider), frodo, Aragorn's girlfriend.

fav hp character: harry, sirius, and draco

the other movie characters in other movies:tlk 1and 2 (all), other movies (all).

This is all aobut me for now. :) See ya!
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