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User Name:Kurama Fangirl 4ever
Name/Nick:Alicia Lamond
Last Visited On:Aug. 10th, 2005, 09:49:03, PDT
Registered On:April 04, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Hey All!!!! thanx for at least looking at this page!!
If you wish to know about me go ahead and read, if not go away!!!!
Hair:light teal
Age:nunya!!! but if you must know 452
eyes: totally blue
wheight: Scuse you!!!
type o demon: ice/water
special attacks: ice powder: snow flys at my enemys then freezes them, umi: sends a tidal wave at the enemys.

second self:
eyes:dark red
weight: *punches you* know one needs to know
type o demon: fire kitsune
attacks: fire ring, explosion, and useing plants as wepons

fav quotes:
TUNA SANDWICH! TUNA SANDWICH!- for the love of Kurama, dont ask...
thats sad, but you know what they say! you win a few, you lose a lot!- i have no clue in hell but its fuuny to me!
whats it like being in a consent haze of
stupidity?- said by Hiei!
what is that ridiculous appendge growing out of your head?- Hiei
is it possible for you to shut up?- Hiei
it wouldnt obay me, so it had to be punished- Hiei( wow i like Hiei quotes dont i?)
come on and join us, Hiei. Were practicly like family!- kurama
were just watching fuzz- Yusuke
o my god!! she killed kenny!!- south park
and i thought i was crazy Urameshi, but you take the prize! you dont make bombs go boom in your face!!!- said by jin
im kinda glad you waxed him! oh! *whispering* dotn tell risho i told ya that!- jin I ABSLOUTLY LOVE THAT QUOTE!! i keep rewinding to see it and my mom's P.O.ed at me now! ^^
Hn.- said by hiei
MY NODDLES!!!!-said by me
LAMMAS, MONKEYS, LAMMAS! OH MY!!!- will, a kid from school
DIE MY-SIZED BARBIE!!- said by Akkina, i liked that quote so much i took it!! but i still gave you credit right??
MR.STOCK, MY COMPUTER WENT STUPID!!!- said by me to my tech teacher
" how many ducks dose it take to screw in a kangaroo?*giggle* it doesnt, pigs cant make dog pie!!"- meh friend on a suger high one time, we had to strap her to the table

ALL WILL LOVE ME AND DISPARE!!!- elf queen lady from LOTR #1.

*kills orc with frying pan* i think im getting the hang of it!- Sam, LOTR

and meh all time fave for now
when life gives you lemons, thow them at some one!- said by meh friend

fave qoutes/conversations
that hair just screams evil mainiac!
i perfer evil genious

have fun with the evil mainiac!

(Hiei after being asked how his hair does that)
"how DOES my hair do this?"he muttered to himself. Not being able to stand it any longer, he banged on kurama's window "Kurama? KURAMA!!!" The window opens slowly and Kurama peers at Hiei with groggy eyes. "What is it? Did somthing happen?" he mumbles, still half asleep.

"How does my hair do this?"

Kurama looks at him blankly for a few moments. "you being a demon will live for thousands of years, and you pick NOW to ask me how your hair defies the laws of gravity?!" he yells, motioning to his clock, which read: 3:00. "it just does, and it doesn't matter why. Go to sleep Hiei." Kurama shuts his window and returns to his bed, thinking. 'that guys needs a day job.....'-conversation in Hiei's hair by Akkina, if you get the chance read it!

"do you like that head?"" yah. why?""wanna keep it?" girl runs " well that worked"- me threatining girl next door

it says 'nobody ever died of laughter'-Kacie
i bet some did.-me and meh friend being hyper

"but what if we get lost?"- me "then too bad for you"- teacher ( i have such nice teachers dont i?)

its girly, i dont think i like it-kuwa
oh sure i guess he should be a though guy like you and be obsessed with kittens!- Yusuke

Why am I eating powdered gravy? oh is that what this is???- said by meh moms boyfriends son

all the while we've been thinking you are a brilliant strategist, but really you're a lucky fool.- Kurama Yusuke- hey watch it fox boy! what does that mean? Kurama- a strategist is some one who uses his brain Yusuke- HEY!!

demon dude- you belevie in mercy, dont you?

why did you move your cd player?- Samantha
because i tend to jump on the back of the couch and if i hurt my dear cd player then i would have to cry and cry and cry for about 5 and a half weeks and then i would dehidrate and i would die! ^^ -me really fast

OMG!! she dumped her noodles on his head!!~me
why in the hell did she do that?? that must have hurt!~firend/kacie
*looks at her funny* what are you talking about? she just ruined perfectly good noodles!!~me
me and kacie talking about meh other friend samantha dumping her ramn on davids head

-ways to die of laughter-( -.-; dont ask)
1. you start to laugh at some one, they get mad and sove your lunch down your mouth to choke you.
2. you are eating grape's and start to laugh and choke on your grapes/
3. you start to laugh at mr.blockhea...i mean bloki( hes really a teacher and we call him mr block head ^^ which reminds me of what we call mrs nanabo(which we call mrs. nana nana bo bo ^^; i'll stop bugging you now)) and someone who respects him gets mad and puches the living -BLEEEP- outa you.
4. someone starts to laugh at _(insert fave yyh character)_ then YOU start to puch the living -BLEEEP- outa them.
if you have any suggetions, you are more then welcome to tell me and i will give you credit.

fav things-
Kurama, Hiei, Ramen, noddles, Kurama, music,cootie( my kitten! ^.^), Hiei, drawing, yyh, iy, shiny things, spoons, coins, bracelets............... what was i talking about???

non-fav things-
Kuwa, toby, pink, dresses, high heels, pretty much anythig girly, toby, Ian, mia, Kuwa, Yaio, forks, regular pencils, * goes on and on*

fav animes:
yuyu hakusho
the pet shop of horrors
Vampire D

fav anime pplz:
Youko kurama
jengi's dad person(from inuyasha)
Inuyasha(what is it with guy with gold eyes and sivler hair!!!???)
count D (pet shop of horrors)
chi (chobbits)
gorge ( koenma's blue orge person)

non-fave anime pplz
Kikyo (. bitch)
Kuwabara (sorry Kuwa fangirls!!!)

OMG!!! i hate my mom now!!! she said jin was the lucky charms guy! *sniff* HOW COULD SHE!!!!! *kurama pats me on the back* *i get so sad i hug him, accedently sufocateing him* *he turns blue* KF4ever, i cant breath!!*all others try to pry me off, but it doesnt work, at all* *Hiei gets mad at me so he just sets me on fire, along with Kurama* *me and Kurama look at our heads and try in vain to put it out*

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