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User Name:hyper22
Last Visited On:Jun. 06th, 2005, 11:26:15, PDT
Registered On:April 04, 2004
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Biography:I happen to live in Oklahoma. The worst place to live. I go through typing spurts, so be patient! I hope inuchan doesn't keel me! (keel, Hee hee! Funny word for me to use...

A.N.: This is the first time I’ve put some of my work online so if you don’t like it, flame me. I really don’t care…oops. Being sarcastic again! Most of my works are about InuYasha© (Inu/Kag also) so stay away if you do not like them, any who, I’ve been wanting to tell you how crazy I am about this anime series… really, these things are true, and if you don’t believe me, well, um, e-mail me and tell me which ones (as in numbers you morons!) you didn’t believe and why.
1. I’ve started to like Ramen noodles a lot more.
No, seriously I used to hate, and I really mean it, hate, Ramen noodles whenever my dad would make them. After learning that Inu-yasha loved them, I had a tough time pretending not to like them. Now-a-days I add strange things to them, even gravy (ewwww! That turned out kind of gross).
2. I actually am starting to like P.E. (physical education).
Some of you must be thinking; scary, very, veeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrry, scary. Especially since I have asthma, and the fact I am EXTREMELY, INEXPLICABLY, lazy. Also, I am starting to take interest in sports (key “The Twilight Zone” music).
3. (Here is the most insane of them all) I was drooling at a Jumbone™ (a special brand of dog bone) commercial!
I know, you want to say I’ve spent WAY too much time with my dog, but, sadly I don’t have a dog to blame it on. Instead, I have a cat. In fact, I have two cats. WEIRD, WEIRD, and did I say WEIRD!
(If my cats happen to be reading this, yes, I have gone to the dark side.)
Wait, before I say #4, I should warn you, I did this just last night (maybe I was dreaming… who knows?)… Aw, heck I’ll just say it!
No, no, no, I seriously I got down on my knees and prayed for his ears, WILLINGLY!!! I mean without the gun to my neck!!!
Just last night I also dreamed about Inu, yeesh, I am nuts.
5. I wrote an essay on anime.
Well, it started out when I didn’t get to go on a field trip with the rest of my grade. My language teacher wanted the class to write at least a paragraph on the trip. I couldn’t write about the trip because I didn’t go on it (well, duh, I can’t write about something I didn’t see!) So, I began to write and think, and think, and think, until… Good Gracious ::gasps:: ! I had written a whole page! Problem was, I was thinking about my next posting, not my little history of loving “Speed Racer”, but of course, not like how I love InuYasha (no butts about it).
6. I told my sis some of my Inu dreams.
Strange, yes, but my sis is extremely trustworthy and honest. Also she is absolutely nuts about Peach Girl. (Sae happens to be her favorite character for some reason. Maybe it’s because how evil she is…), though she is not half as insane about her shows as I am about mine. :: gets hit by sis:: Alright, all right, she is, she is, but, she is not a happy evil puppy, I am! (I’m also an extreme otaku as you can tell.) We, in the morning, exchange dreams and then make up stories that stem from them. (For all you freaky hentai people; yes, some are lemons.)
7. I have been trying (and hard) to copy Inu’s style!
Yes, I have tried the haori, the kimono, and the necklace (the enchanted one, stupid!) but, mostly what I want is his ears. Yes, Inuyasha is my fashion idol (no, I do not get up every Sunday and bow down to a statue of him saying “Behold! Power to the ears! Praise Inuyasha!” every 7th bow at 3 o’ clock in the morning… only some mornings… kind of… ok! You caught me! I confess! I am in love with his ears! Darn loveable idiot he is! )
Now, some of you will not understand some of this next little question. I want to know which idea(s) you like the most out of these:
1.Could you imagine Inuyasha as King of Atlantis? Well, apparently he is and the Atlanteans want him back!
2.This one makes Kagome look like Jennifer Lopez. She is rich, beautiful, and oh, did I say spoiled rotten? And how can her permanent body guard be Inuyasha? EEP!
3. Inuyasha changes form to fit Kagome's standards into a; French, black-haired, green-eyed cutie, uh-oh. But how will he be able to keep his other identity from showing who her Pierre a-la-mode really is? Aimer! Oh, add a little romance between Sess and Sango too!
4. Inuyasha has to take (‘deliver’ as he says) Kagome to Tidus; Kagome is Yuna's reincarnate. He remembers his extreme yearning for her and does not want to give her up when he gets there. The two meet different characters from different manga/anime, a crossover and a lemon in one, tee-hee, killed two birds with one stone! (No offense to the birds!)
5. Kagome wishes she had never lived because Inuyasha dies "because" of her. She finds out what would happen if she hadn't lived. Also, Inuyasha goes on a journey to the underworld (sad, motivated by Arjuna) to save him. Will they ever meet up again? And, what will happen if Kouga tries to help? We will see…
6. Inuyasha switches bodies with Kenshin Himura (from the show Samurai X or a.k.a. Rorouni Kenshin) How will Kagome react to Inuyasha being so nice? Will the “sits” break Kenshin’s usually cool attitude? What will Inu do while he is in Kenshin’s body? Brrrrrrr…
7. (Inspired by The Pink Panther, kind of like Bonne & Clyde except for a few main parts) Inuyasha is a famous thief and kidnapper, Kagome is a rebellious and notorious murderer, but she’s also a rich upper- class girl with a knack for cool gadgets- to use in her profession, of course! How in the world will these two get along to bring down the world’s biggest monarchy?
8. Spike and Jet (from Cowboy Bebop) have their eyes on a 500 million woolong capture, Inuyasha. How in the world did a hanyou from the feudal age become a target? And what does Faye have to do with this? Or Kagome?
9. This is for all you people who like a good lemon. Inuyasha is the son of a king. He is soon betrothed to Kagome, the duke’s daughter. Because they can’t get along they are stuck alone in an apartment by their parents. Without any link to the outside world, except the internet that is! Oh, and if they can’t get along in two months, they will be stranded on an island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!
Also, if you are a writer, you can youze, doh, USE, these ideas if you mention where you got the idea from and e-mail me first at the address at the bottom, ‘cept 4 #3, I’m usin’ that one.
Gohen ne for the bad spelling, it means forgive me in Japanese you morons.
Queen hyper, signing out for tonight.
:: dissipates into shimmering gas ::
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