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User Name:Inktail
Last Visited On:Apr. 30th, 2007, 21:06:05, PDT
Registered On:May 05, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Note: The Homepage link is actually my blog right now.

[gender] Female

[aliases] CyberDeletion, CD, Dreamverse

[pets] Midnight and Stormy (Cats - American Shorthairs), Yami and Hikari (Fish - Bettas)

[current overall obsession] Yu-Gi-Oh!

[lucky number] Seven

[likes] Shonen-ai, rain, thunderstorms, cats, dragons, monsters, learning about Ancient Egypt, mourning dove calls

[dislikes] Work, fire, people who steal/insult mine/my friends' stuff, flamers who don't have a clue, change in general

[favorite yuugiou pairings] Tendershipping, Puppyshipping, Darkshipping, Casteshipping

[quote of the moment] Bring good luck, immortal gods; throw the dice, but grant us odds. (Watchman, the Oresteia)

[comment?] Maybe I'll be the queen of sort-of-drabbles. Hmm...

+ Already Died For You
Finished again. Hey, Ryou's the main character in this one! Go me!
+ The Price of Pleasure
Finished. A companion fic might be done... eventually.
+ No Mercy
Finished. This is what you get when I stay home, read horror stories, and have the sudden urge to make Ryou snap.
+ Important Enough
Finished. It's 300-something words, so it's too long for a normal drabble, but too short for a one-shot. Yay for implied puppyshipping.
+ Decisive
Finished another puppyshipping drabbley thing.
+ Pagophobia
Finished. I originally set out to write puppyshipping... but this has no pairings. -disappointed-
/Vampire Game
+ So They Danced
Wow. My first non-Yuugiou fic on MediaMiner, as well as my first VG fic ever. Yay for drabble-y PheliosxDuzell.

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