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User Name:Fizzy 13
Name/Nick:Izzy Lazales
Last Visited On:Aug. 24th, 2004, 05:19:36, PDT
Registered On:May 05, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Erg... moved in from FF.net, seeing it to be so crowded. Something like a little peace and quiet or something. Still active there, though. No, I'm not into lemons, although I think they're on the level. I'm 16 going on 17 near the end of this september, and I think I should share a few odd things about myself besides going head-over-heels for digimon...

- Although my parent-given nickname is Izzy, I've been wearing 02 TK's hat for as long as I remember. If it gets too small, I buy a larger version. This goes with a black paparazzi-style vest that might've been mentioned in some of my earlier fics.

- I constantly log into the FBI's official website and check for updates on the world's 22 most wanted terrorists, with Usama/Osama/Assama(just a pun) Bin Laden STILL on top after nearly three years. Their names are funny, you know.

- I also print out some of their pictures to use as dart boards. I may not know how to play darts, but thanks to them, I'm learning!

- I have an addiction for using General "Pinpoint" Townes whenever playing C&C Generals: Zero Hour. Why? Well, in a paraphrasing of Townes' openning line, "Lasers make superior weapons," I just have to say that, "Lasers make the ULTIMATE DEFENSIVE SYSTEM IN THE WHOLE DAMNED GAME!!!"

- I regularly check out the NSA official website in search of newer code styles that I might apply to my own writing...

- I have a LONG list of death euphamisms, the file for which is around 300 kilobytes long. Sadly, it fails to contain my favorites, namely "rubbed-out" and "eighty-sixed".

- I have, for no apparent reason, downloaded a copy of the world's longest palindrome. If your wondering where to find it or, more importantly, what in the name of St. Higgins McBailey is a palindrome, then check this site out: http://www.palindromelist.com/longest.htm

- I constantly hallucinate about Izumi/Zoe Orimoto from season Digimon 04 being the victim of some unseen somebody's sick S&M fantasies... maybe my own. If you wanna know more about that, ask my psychiatrist... no, wait, I killed him already... NOT.

- Whenever I listen to certain C&C Generals BGMs whilst reading ANY fanfic, especially lemons, I gain the sudden lust/want/desire to fantasize about the entire setting of the unfortunate fic I might be reading. What about? Let's just say it has something to do with around a dozen or so B-2 Stealth Bombers and a hell of a lot of MOABS and Carpet Bombs falling onto said setting, killing every character there is. If you wanna know which specific BGM really arouses my genocidal side, then check this link out: http://billbrownmusic.com/soundBB/CCG_USA01.mp3

- One last freaky fact about me: it appears as though EVERYBODY in my school who at least has SOME inkling of what a digimon is and what fanfiction are SCARE ME WITH THE MOST HORRIFYING YAOI PAIRINGS CONCEIVABLE, human/digimon/whatever. Just an insight, but it appears as though every time I think of anything related to Yaoi, my stomach goes ballistic and I lose EVERY LAST BIT of my lunch. Yuri and crossbreeding, I can take, so goes for BDSM, but... YAOI... There's something in it that just... plain... KILLS ME.
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