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User Name:Takun
Last Visited On:Sep. 04th, 2007, 05:16:48, PDT
Registered On:May 05, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Name: Craig Takun


Favorite animes:
Ruroni Kenshin
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Case Closed(Detective Conan)
Banner and Crest of the Stars
Silent Mobius
Yu Gi Oh
Yu Yu Hakusho
Teen Titans

Not in any order
10 Favorite Anime Quotes:(Show) [character] {more detail}
1.(Trigun)[Vash] Thow shall not kill what kind of priest are you.
2.(FLCL)[Haruko] Vaction anienation Japanamition Mongo Congo Naked Lunch Haiwian punch fruit juice
3.(DBZ)[Vegeta]{Trunks saga}This is ridiculous I'm a warrior not a.. a.. a variety of flower.
4.(Trigun)[Vash] I am known as Valentnes Alclena Zeha shishiho Bowherutz... Gumbigobell blue stratavodi talen trent piera andre charktenaymos avada vinche bouldous geogre Docer kaiser the 3rd don't hesitate to call
5.(medabots)[medabee] What kind of name is wiggles for a rude-a-beg-a
6.(medabots)[medabee] Ikki I don't think I will become any stronger by learning (in an old fashion sensei voice) the great art of da featherdusta.
7.(dbz)[Vegeta]{to goku} What's your head made of.
8.(YU Yu Hakusho)[Hiei]{about the spirit beast} what is that horrable apendage on your head.
9.(DBZ)[Trunks]{super andriod 13} you red ribbon redneck
10.(FLCL)[Naota aka Takun] Hey housekeeper wannabe.... Cleaning Woman... Hey BOTTOMFEEDER....(whispers) evil alien [haruko] ah what.

Three least favorite(shows)top 5
5# SoulTaker
4# SE Lain(People think FLCL Is tough to understand this is impossible[reason it's better then soultaker is because the opening song is good])
3#boogie pop phantom
(2# and 1# are the reason I called this my least favorite SHOWS and not least favorite animes)
2#The Osbournes
1# Sponge Bob Square Pants
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