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User Name:LeafeKnight
Name/Nick:Kirti McKeehan
Last Visited On:Nov. 06th, 2005, 14:35:42, PST
Registered On:June 06, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:n/a
AIM Handle:n/a
Biography:Yo! I'm your resident Leafe Knight! Someone giving you a hard time? Just call me and I'll SQUASH SOME SENSE INTO THEM! HAHAHAHA! No actually I'm kidding, unfortunately flames are a part of being an author, we all have to deal with it. *sigh*

I'm a teenage girl with too many daydreams to make into stories. I'm also really bad at updating and finishing things. XD

Name: Kirti
Age: High Schooler
Status: Single *sigh* always have been
Fav color: Yellow
Fav food: Chocolate, ketchup, potatoes
Fav flower: cherry blossoms, lilacs, hyacinths, lilies
Religion: Non-denominational Christian
Languages: English dominant, Japanese and Spanish are my current foreign languages

My live journal: www.livejournal.com/users/kirtimckeehan

My Quizzila.com account name: AishiteHajimete

My fanfiction.net account name: Ryuujin Dragon King

My fictionpress.com account name: Hadassah

Anime I like (note that I'm am a totaly subbie; I hate almost everything about dubs, I'm working on becoming a purist but I'm only a level 3 Honors Japanese student so far, long way to go):
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yami no Yuugi, aka Atemu
Pretear - Kei (I'm like, one out of three fans...)
MKRayearth - Hikaru Shidou
Hikaru no Go - Umm, not sure who I like best
Digimon 01 - Taichi Yagami and Takeru Takaishi
Digimon 02 - Taichi Yagami and Takeru Takaishi
Digimon 04 - Kouji Minamoto (notice I skippd 03 - I HATED THAT SEASON! Gave Digimon a bad name, I tell you)
CCSakura - Yue
Shaman King - Yoh
Rurouni Kenshin- Kenshin (da one and only!)

Books and things:
LotR - Legolas (and it's not because of Orlando!)
Harry Potter - Sirius *sob* and Remus
A Voice in the Wind/ Echo in the Darkness - Hadassah and Prometheus
As Sure As the Dawn - Atretes and CALEB!! CUTIE!!!
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