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User Name:HappyDragon
Last Visited On:May. 03rd, 2012, 18:35:59, PDT
Registered On:June 06, 2004
ICQ Number: n/a
Yahoo Handle:lunarangelneo
AIM Handle:HappyDragon411 or LynnStardragon
Biography:Iím a manga and anime nut to the extreme, maybe. My favorite right now is Kingdom Hearts, though Yu-Gi-Oh! holds a close second as it is what got me into fan-fiction.

Ok so I have been here for some time now, and I have to say I like it here. Iím still prone to wandering looking for fics that interest me, handing out reviews and plushies as I go. Maybe youíve gotten a review by me . . . or not. -_-;; Well I try to give constructive criticism when I can!

Anyway, Iím writing up a Yu-Gi-Oh! Vamp fic, but not the one I was planning to write ^-^;; I just reeeeeeeeeeaally like Vampires, so do my Yamis.

Yeah I have two of them:

Golden Dragon--my more heroic and positive Yami aspect (think Yami in Battle City)--and Black Dragon Viro--my more dark, sadistic and negative Yami aspect (think early manga Yami with a hint of Kura and Yami Malik mixed in). Theyíll both get their proper intros along with a muse or two after I post chapter one.

I also have a few muses running around--mostly my Duel Monsters in human form or other random bishounen [pretty boys]--along with a cast of AI [Artificial Intelligence] programs that act alot like the YGO! gang and some of the crew for KH. I also have some Org. XIII muses running around in their own Castle That Never Was, but thatís a fic all on itís own . . .

As for my favorite YGO couples, parings or whatever-somes--

Viro: threesome, foursome, too many boy-somes! ^.^

HD: Bad Yami! Err, as I was saying . . .

I have my likes but I will go with the flow of the writer. Iíve come to accept almost every connection Iíve come across because the writer was able to convince me. Except for Bakura [the yami/spirit of the ring] Yami/Atemu [the Pharaoh/dark Yuugi] parings. Bakura/Yami just doesnít work for me and I have yet to see a story make it work that doesnít leave an odd or bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

Though I must say, Iím much down with the Y/Y-ness.

However . . . given what happened in GX with shadow magic . . . thatís killed my love and inspiration to write for that fandom at the moment.


I will get back to them . . . someday . . . . but I need time to heal.

So for now Iím of the world(s) of Kingdom Hearts! You can find me as Lynn_Stardragon over at AFF . . . but Iím posting them up here too for people who canít get along with that site.

Bah, itís funny . . . I was hoping to make my big debut here with a finished Y/Y Vamp!fic . . . I guess thatís life. XD

My OTP [OT3] of KH is AkuRoku [AkuRokuNami]. I started reading fanfics in Ď04, so I was blinded my the sheer Disney-ness in game one to pick up any non-Disney pairings. But after being stuck on Marluxia in KH: CoM for several months, I started reading, and by the time I started Rikuís story, I was aquatinted with the joy of Yaoi. . .

So every time Ansem opened his mouth, I was screaming that he was a pedophile, who wanted Rikuís body to do bad things with . . .

And thatís where we are today. For now. I go with all pairings presented to me, like with the YGO! fandom. With one exception. 4/11. If you are writing canon, I just pointblank refuse to see 4/11 as a viable pairing . . .

Unless itís non-con. But that would go bad quickly, and would need lots of explaining, and then Larxene would get involved and then someone, or is that no-one?, would be missing a spleen and . . . .

However I would like to see more love paid to number V and to number X. They donít need to be a pair, I just . . . donít have a good feel for their personalities. I hope people can change that for me. ^_^

And for those of you wondering why I've waited until now to come out of hiding. . . go talk to Yami396 (from MM.Org) aka 'Morgana Maeve' and go read her KH 1-shot 'Challenge'. This woman has been one of the driving forces that has kept me alive during my slump. She should be worshiped, and her stories reviewed.

Anyway, I hope to see people around, and feel free to ring me on aim, or drop me an e-mail.
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