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User Name:fenris fenrir
Last Visited On:May. 17th, 2010, 17:56:53, PDT
Registered On:July 07, 2004
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AIM Handle:shukumeinamonai
Biography:I have four fanfics!! Except one of them isnt mine. It's my cousins. It was her idea, you see. She gives me the chapter outline and i write the chapter, then i send the chapter to her and she edits it, sends it back to me, and I post it. So it's not mine.

I've unofficially stopped working on all of my fics except the one that is my cousins. I would stop with that, as well, but... its not mine to stop. I know, its the summer, and I was planning to update loads for you guys, but... I started a book. It has nothing to do with Inuyasha and I'm enjoying the change of pace. It's not turning out very happy, but that's OK. I didnt think it would. I'm really sorry, and I'll keep working on my fics when I want to take a break from my book, but... no promises. I just figured I ought to update with you on what's going on.

Love and hugs, royal fans. I'll come back someday, really I will. But the thing is, I've become like Rozefire, and writing Inuyasha fics is no longer really all that interesting. I'd rather write something else. I'll finish my stories--I hate it when people abandon their fics permanantly. So this isnt permanant, its just... I dont know. I'm really sorry, guys...

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