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Last Visited On:Aug. 12th, 2020, 03:29:08, PDT
Registered On:July 07, 2004
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Biography:Hello everyone~! ^-^ New profile time!!

Name: Kat (A.K.A the 'Dream Alchemist')//Age: 16//Race: Human...though I sometimes act like a cat o.o;//Occupation: Shy fangirl and the 'stalker magnet'//Personality: Kind, shy, sweet, hyper, can sometimes make no sense, sarcastic, becomes cold when she needs to.

My favorite bishies: Edward Elric//Alphonse Elric (My top bishie ^o^)//Hiei[Meh...not so much anymore~]//Wrath (KAWAIINESS!!!!!)

My fave pairings of all time!

Wrath/Elysia (I know what you're thinking. That they're too young ^^U Well, I happen to think it's cute. And in my story 'Past', all that's in there for them is pure light fluff. They never actually pair up to tell you the truth o.o)//Seto/Tea[DON'T KILL ME!!!]//Ed/Eve(oc)//Al/Angela(oc)

Couples that I don't particularly like (Sorry ^^;;)

Mukuro/Hiei//Ed/Winry (Don't know. I just don't like it *shudders*)//Al/Winry (Excuse me. *goes into the bathroom. screams and vomiting are heard*)//Ed/Al (THEY'RE GUYS AND THEY'RE BROTHERS! Angela: But.. Eve: You read the fics and comics. me: *has the words guilty of reading Elricest on her forehead*)

O_O HOLY CRAP I'M ALIVE!!!! Hehe, sorries guys. ^^;;; Not per say active on here anymore~!!! But I am on another site: Fanfiction.net! *Dun kill me Mediaminer!!!*

Name on there: TheOneWhoLivesInYourCloset

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