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User Name:Lumina Kitsune
Name/Nick:Roxanne Wright
Last Visited On:Jun. 12th, 2008, 01:52:41, PDT
Registered On:July 07, 2004
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Biography:Loves cats, foxes, dragons, Kurama, fluff, flying, Yoko, Mew, Mewtwo, Skitty, Delcatty, Shuichi, sweet snow, Silly String, E.O.Fs, swimming,...(to be continued...whenever I feel like it!)|P

H---s Fanfiction.net managers!

Lumina Kitsune

Human Name/Alias: Lumina Kagami
Human form: 6 feet, black hair that reaches shoulders, slim body, long nails
Clothes: Blue Jeans, Silver Necklace with 3/4 inch diameter Sapphire Orb Pendant, Rainbow Tie Dye Shirt
Personality: Silly, Insane, Becomes Intensely Focused When Interested, Pyromaniac, Calm Around Kurama/Yoko

Demon form: Shadow Kitsune with an affinity for Water and Air, can Control Plants, has Large Black Opalescent Feathered Wings, Long Black-Blue Hair, Black-Blue Furry Ears and Hands and Feet, Large Black-Blue Soft Furry Bushy Fox Tail, Dark Blue Eyes, Sharp Claws and Fangs, Swims and Flies and Runs Very Well
Clothing: Skintight Suit, Same Necklace & Pendant, Holds a Black Rose
Personality: Less Silly, Less Insane, Becomes Intensely Focused When Interested, Pyromaniac, Becomes Evil Minded Sometimes(especially during dares and pranks), Calm Around Kurama/Yoko

Fox Form: Golden Fur, Nine Tails, Blue Eyes
Personality: same as Demon form

Species: Coeurl
Gender: Male
Personality: Masculine with a liking for fluff

Species: Queen Coeurl
Gender: Female
Personality: Tomboy with a liking for fluff

Species: Essence Of Fluff
Gender: ?
Personality: Fluffyness!

If any of my previous reviewers from Fanfiction.net has chapters 3-10 copied, please send them to me! I forgot to save them!

Now working on a remix of To Fly on Silver Wings.
Am on Gaia Online and Furcadia!

In real life I am 18 in Aug and making jewelry.
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