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User Name:Jasmine Fields
Last Visited On:Sep. 16th, 2007, 13:53:02, PDT
Registered On:August 08, 2004
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Biography:Besides 'To Perish', my proud creation, I also am authoress to 'Braving Mystical Worlds', an Inuyasha-Xmen humor-fic crossover (with crossover pairings and situations), 'Whispers At Dawn' (an unusual Inu/Rin pairing), 'Calling Your Name' [COMPLETE]; And also the NEWEST to my fanfic collection: 'Desire's Cry' pairing Kouga/Kagome together, and 'Pieces' drabble and babble for fun!

My reason for reading fanfic this last year simply because, in truth, it is sooo much fun to see where other peoples' imaginations take them - regardless of rating and writing style. I have a lot of favorites even if they are not listed on my list of recommends. :-)

On top of that, I love to brag about my *3* furry fuzzy friends - yes, they're my children, Butters and Olivia: 1 Beagle, 1 Canaan Shepherd(?) - the most beautiful, sweet, adorable pets on the planet - and then, there's Charolette, a very cute Bombay(?) cat (gorgeous marble-yellow eyes) - not nearly as cute and sweet, but can hold her own against my hyper hounds! If you seek out - like ANY trouble regarding them....*eye twitches* I will sic Sesshou on you! (Not that some of you would complain, ehherm). Okay, so, maybe Jaken would be more of a threat than him - for you Sesshou hentai-lovers out there.....
Schedule of updates to come:

'Whispers At Dawn' - Chapter 4: Kirara's Fate, coming around the end of May.

'Braving Mystical Worlds' - Chapter 7-8 Up; Chapter 9: Evolution/Chapter 10: Seduction, temporarily on hold

'To Perish Twice the Pain' (Part II of 'To Perish Once More) - Chapter Eight posted.


Chapter Nine: Mesheniye
Chapter Ten: Unsettled
Chapter Eleven: Shakuhachi
Chapter Twelve: Felidae
That said, read, review, and enjoy!


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