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User Name:Sami-Otaku
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Registered On:August 08, 2004
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Biography:My name actually is Sami, and when I created this account, I didn't take too long to think of a good username. I love writing and I'm known to make hysterically insane stories that somehow turn out funnier than I ever intend. My favorite series to write about is Yu-Gi-Oh, and it's not because the series is overly fantastic. It's because the characters are so generic, I can basically do whatever I want and it all works out in the end.

I use OCs. Yes, it's hypocritical of me. Yes, I hate OCs, too. Yes, I do it because I'm a writer, and yes, Sith started out like a pile of dog doo until my writing started to improve a bit. And yes, I had to rewrite some stories to get her that way. But none of that matters, because my OCs are only mildly irritating and not one of them likes anyone in the worlds they happen to be in. And Sith WILL kill a character if they call her insane. Which they do. A lot.

About my stories (just to let you know how I'm progressing): Most of them are one-shots about the various series I love the most, put into situations too fanatical for me to call 'in-character.' I'm not good at keeping character personalities, but I more or less try. I just add a bit more 'pizzazz' to their situations and characteristics. Honest! For longer stories, most are set in the Yu-Gi-Oh world, and Ryou is normally the protagonist for the stories. Let's face it, Ryou's just badass. On the inside. Besides, we all know we've wanted a story where he wields swords, battles demons, saves the world, and deals with a psycho like Sith. All at the same time. Because his entire ordeal with the Espers spans over four years and through five Mystics, I split it up into four stories. See below.

Bakura Ryou: Harbinger of Trouble: First in the series. Ryou's world is turned upside-down when Rath sends Katsaiga to abduct him. He meets Sith in a floating Citadel, but because she has mild amnesia, she gives him a fake name (mine due to severe lack of one, oops) and identity. She helps him escape with Malik, who had a similar fate, and the three head to Domino to form a plan to stop the threat.

Ryou Bakura: Chaos Master: Second installment. Ryou's world was safe for about two years, and then Rath decided to send Katsaiga's daughter to destroy it. Amber does an effective job, from sealing Sith's magic, to enshrouding the world in never-ending night, to even unleashing the Five Forbidden spells and releasing Heartless into the world. Ryou enlists Bahamut's help, and ends up killing Amber. Unfortunately, the events of this story leads to Organization XIII targeting Sith, Ryou, and Matt in Ryou Bakura: Game Master.

Ryou Bakura: Game Master: Third installment. Falnika the Wicked takes it upon herself to try and take a crack at killing Sith off once and for all. She uses a game station to lure Ryou away to frustrate Sith, but it only forces Ryou to grow stronger. An NPC manages to bring Sith into the fray regardless, and when Mello, Aeon, and Matt reunite with her, Falnika is sorely flustered. Organization XIII comes to slow Ryou's progress, but in the end, they turn out to be on Sith's side. At the end, Shimbou reveals he is Sith's son, and asks Ryou to help him help Sith.

Ryou Bakura: Time Master: Final installment. Currently being edited, but the new version will consist of this. Victor Winchester and Ryou work hard to find ways to help Sith find the third Sword of Mercy and reclaim her kingdom before Rath can do it, thusly destroying every world in Oblivion. Victor enlists Malik to build a time machine, and everyone decides to travel across time to find Sith and the members of Organization XIII. They end up meeting Rath during Atemu's reign as Pharaoh, and Sith finally wipes her out before she unleashes the spells that caused the terrible rift in magic. Sith speaks to her past self regarding the sword and the throne, and then heads back to the present with her friends. She says one last farewell, and leaves with Saix, Mello, Aeon, and Victor, for Nesce. Ryou does not see her again, but leaves her a momento he made for her. She finds it two thousand years later, before the Cataclysm hits that wipes out Oblivion forever.

All my other stories are important, too, but those four are the ones most important to me. There are just too many to list! The summaries normally found before the story itself should more or less explain what the oneshots are, so have some fun.

And now, because my OCs are just so damn crazy and colorful, I'm going to give you the bios on the ones that actually appear and have roles in my stories. It's a long list, so sorry if it makes scrolling for the actual stories a pain. You want to skip it, just press Ctrl + F and type in 'A tale of two Fakes.' That'll take you right to the bottom and onto my stories.

Sith Winchester: The OC I use the most. You'd think that, for being 4,000 years old, Sith would be a bit more emotionally stable, but in actuality, she's really kind of distracted by everything throughout most of her time as an OC. In fanfiction, she has a mild case of amnesia and can't really remember much of anything before landing crash in the middle of Ryou Bakura's world. When she's not trying to guide Ryou and his friends through the madness of her cousin, Rath, she tends to be a bit absentminded. Or maybe she's just piss-drunk. It depends on the situation.

Age: Older than all of the YGO characters combined, save for Yami and Bakura.

Fanfiction most likely to be in: Anything Yu-Gi-Oh related, occasionally mentioned by Mello and Matt in some DN oneshots.

Katt Winchester: Sith's relative. Katt doesn't really have too big a role, despite being Sith's sister, but when she does, she more or less tries to help her sister cope with the frustration of living with a bunch of idiot-children like Jou and Honda. Unfortunately, her ideas never seem to do as well as she hopes, and she normally just ends up pissing Sith off as a result. She really hates Mello from Death Note, because he was personally involved with Sith before she was sent to Ryou's world. She's also been convicted of several illegal crimes against the Esper council, such as raising pokemon or stealing the Excalipur, but was never charged for it.

Age: More or less the same age as Sith.

Fanfiction most likely to be in: Yu-Gi-Oh.

Sceppiro Winchester: Sith's older brother. Much like Sith, he has a bit of an anger issue and generally dislikes anyone who isn't him or his sister. He's not even really in much of the stories, but when he is, he's normally the unwilling comic relief. He tends to go ballistic at the slightest provocation, and despite having wings, he's terrified of heights. Hell, why be modest? Compared to all the other Espers, Sceppiro's a wuss. It's a wonder why Sith let him rule their kingdom, she's much more suited for the role.

Age: Older than Sith, and that's pretty darn old.

Fanfiction most likely to be in: Seth's Magical Adventure, and a very minor role in Ryou Bakura: Time Master

Cydandilus Skylark: Sith's uncle. He's grouchy, grumpy, and pretty much hates everyone who tries to bother him with anything not related to machines. He has a knack for exploding into volatile and violent fits of rage, and isn't too eloquent at it, either. He's also, surprisingly, unskilled with magic, but he's damn good with machines, and has built some of the most reliable airship models in existence. Ever hear of the Highwind or the Falcon? Thank this dude for it.

Age: Over 5,000.

Fanfiction most likely to be in: Seth's Magical Adventure.

Gilden Lancaster: Sith's best friend and former advisor. He's a Mystic, but he's probably the only one who won't try to kill Ryou once they meet. He's exceptionally good with magic in the class of Illusion, but his true weapon is his silver tongue - he gets himself, Seth, Ryou, and pretty much everyone out of a jam by talking his way through it. Despite this skill, however, Gilden's not too bright when it comes to being subtle. He has a tendency to be cocky and overconfident, and is usually the reason why he gets into such bad situations. Oh, and he can cook, too.

Age: As old as Sith.

Fanfiction most likely to be in: Seth's Magical Adventure, brief appearance in Ryou Bakura: Time Master

Katsaiga: One of the Mystics sent to destroy Ryou's world. She's actually on Sith's side, and is the reason why Ryou is hesitant to kill Mystics when they visit his world. Most Mystics aren't bad - they're normally on Sith's side like Katsaiga. But you'd be messed up, too, if your master was a raving lunatic who had a little cousin complexion.

Amber: Katsaiga's daughter. You know, Amber's kind of generic compared to the other weirdos that constitute the OC club. She's whiny, shallow, and is more interested in boys and fashion instead of destroying the world. But she's still a formidable threat. She managed to unleash the Five Forbidden spells and get Sith in trouble for it. And that takes some skill.

Falnika the Wicked: Here's a Mystic that makes a good villain. Falnika is ruthless, mean, aggressive, and not above emotional manipulation to get the results she wants. She really hates Sith, and even manages in nearly killing the Esper a few times during their struggle. In the end, though, she realized that without Sith, she truly has no purpose, and ends up helping Ryou instead of killing him, too. Of course, in doing this, she blew open a huge wormhole that allowed crossovers to travel to any world they want. Oops.

Rath Winchester: The main antagonist, and the reason why every world in all my fanfictions become more or less unstable as time passes on. She was once named as Nesce's true successor, but after Sith was born, she murdered Sith's mother and tried to kill both Sith and Sceppiro. This landed her in the middle of Oblivion's prison, where she plotted to take Sith down for thousands of years. In truth, she's not too good at her job, though she does manage some massive destruction on her own terms. But she seems more content to just blow everything up, as opposed to aiming directly for Sith. Most would say she's crazy, but she's really just misunderstood.

Shimbou/Victor Winchester: In about ten years after Ryou Bakura: Game Master, Sith becomes a mother, and Victor is the result of that. In actuality, he was born in the 1600s, but for fanfiction purposes, he's born in 2018. Victor doesn't always listen to his mother, and one day while Aeon from Castlevania visited her, Victor took his stopwatch and warped himself about twent-nine years into the past, a time before he was even born. He took the name of Shimbou because of the world he was sent to, and befriends Ryou that way. He's not too helpful until Time Master rolls around, but aside from his goofball habits, the boy's pretty effective with swords and darkness. The fact that Saix from Kingdom Hearts is his father helps a ton, but again, that's for fanfiction purposes only.
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