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Title: who says i don't lyk flowers? [ Miscellaneous :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: ao sora
Uploaded On: Mar 26 4:19:40 2008
Description: yay!!! comments would be greatly appreciated!!
Image Properties: 577x800 116.93 kb
Title: Hatake Kyomi [ Miscellaneous :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: Song Of A Fallen Angel
Uploaded On: Mar 24 16:36:29 2008
Description: This is Hatake Kyomi, the main character to one of my fanfictions, Imouto Trilogy :: Hatake :: Even After All These Years, which is set in the Naruto universe. She's supposed to be about 19, but I think she looks a little younger than that *sighs*
Image Properties: 592x1504 119.67 kb
Title: Chapter 1: Indelibe Sin [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: Reioca Miniaka
Uploaded On: Mar 23 21:47:36 2008
Description: Renee Parker from The Blood Dolls
Image Properties: 1025x1895 91.9 kb
Title: fairy??? [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: ao sora
Uploaded On: Mar 22 6:24:08 2008
Description: i think i drew this from a pic i saw on a mag cover.. hmmmm... i just can't remember what mag that was.. gomenasai..
Image Properties: 582x800 104.05 kb
Title: anime girl on rollerblades [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: ao sora
Uploaded On: Mar 22 6:20:44 2008
Description: random anime girl.. she does look familiar, doesn't she??
Image Properties: 633x800 96.32 kb
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Title: Hunger Project [ Miscellaneous :: Realism ] By: Lady of Oiche
Uploaded On: Mar 21 13:22:55 2008
Charcters: Portrait / Portraits
Description: We had to do a hunger project at school and draw a picture of a child and write their story. This is the child I drew. Her name is Anna. :D I'm very proud of this. Also, it's about 5 feet tall and 3 and a half feet wide. I never want to use graphite again. read more
Image Properties: 768x1023 136.05 kb
Title: Kaida the Lighting Dragon [ Miscellaneous :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: Guilly-GuiledDragon
Uploaded On: Mar 15 16:26:02 2008
Description: This is Kaida!! The lighting dragon! He will appear in my SD Gundam Force fanfict Kibou Hoshi. He is the only summon for Star. Powers: Can shoot and absorb lighting Abilities: Can absorb lightning and grow to full size. Can zap people but mostly bit read more
Image Properties: 600x723 74.97 kb
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Title: Star "Hoshiko" [ Miscellaneous :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: Guilly-GuiledDragon
Uploaded On: Mar 15 16:16:23 2008
Description: This is Star, the mage gundamness from my SD Gundam Force fanfic Kibou Hoshi. More will be learned about her in the fiction. But thought I should give you all here on Mediaminer a visual. :) ANwyays, she is the one who talks to Zero and has feelings read more
Image Properties: 800x1066 237.85 kb
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Title: Wolf... [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: jordy
Uploaded On: Mar 14 14:13:59 2008
Description: this is a wolf as you can see ...(well i hope) and it looked a lot more real before i inked it because the pen broke and got ink all over the middle so i had to make it almost entirely black.
Image Properties: 357x332 240.21 kb
Title: hidden wolves [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: jordy
Uploaded On: Mar 14 14:09:43 2008
Description: Can you see the four little wolves hidden inside the big one?
Image Properties: 292x360 164.36 kb
Title: Ninja POUNCE! [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: Shastania
Uploaded On: Mar 9 17:55:45 2008
Charcters: Bishounen, Ninja / Ninjas
Description: NINJA POUNCE! Exactly what it says on the tin- a picture of my OC Hattori ready to commence battle with the poor soul who stole the last cookie. X3 I'm ESTATIC at how this turned out considering I'm still fairly new to this whole 'coloured lineart' techniq read more
Image Properties: 550x683 371.77 kb
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Title: In the Year 2050.. [ Miscellaneous :: Shadowrun ] By: Ghostwalker2061
Uploaded On: Mar 5 22:03:26 2008
Description: This image is dedicated to one of my favorite RPG games--Shadowrun. It's a game set in a dystopian future where magic has returned and assists in high-tech corporate espionage. The particular character who I just drew is none other than Dunkelzahn.
Image Properties: 583x750 438.22 kb
Title: I'm just like you. [ Miscellaneous :: Toys ] By: PrincessSerenity43
Uploaded On: Mar 4 17:48:51 2008
Description: I put it under toys because on movies I could not find any Barbie movie. This is Anneliesse and Erika from the Princess and the Pauper. My favorite Barbie movies are the 12 dancing princesses, the princess and the pauper and Mariposa. I'll probably do a Ma read more
Image Properties: 640x495 183.89 kb
Title: wolf [ Miscellaneous :: Animal(s) ] By: huskypoo
Uploaded On: Mar 3 19:41:09 2008
Charcters: Wolves
Image Properties: 600x432 85.65 kb
Title: red hair [ Miscellaneous :: n/a ] By: Zayari
Uploaded On: Mar 1 15:30:10 2008
Image Properties: 545x537 70.63 kb
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