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On how to get your art showcased ask in FanArt Forum! :)
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Showcase Reason: The soft, pastel quality of this art, combined with the gentleness of the character depicted, creates a beautiful character portrait.
Title: Founder series - Helga [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Harry Potter ] By: AgiVega
Uploaded On: Apr 20 13:11:01 2006
Charcters: Helga Hufflepuff
Description: Hufflepuff.
Image Properties: 554x500 63.29 kb
Showcase Reason: Gorgeous work in wonderful pastel colors. This one is a real treat. :)
Title: Better Days [ Anime/Manga :: Saiyuki ] By: naojun
Uploaded On: Dec 7 21:19:39 2007
Description: don't ask, don't tell.
Image Properties: 495x765 238.54 kb
Showcase Reason: This is an incredibly cute and colorful zodiac picture. It's nice to see work in traditional media.
Title: Cancer [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: ikhlas
Uploaded On: Dec 26 4:52:33 2007
Charcters: Muses
Description: This picture was done for a friend of my sisters. It's basically a girl to depict the sign 'Cancer'.
Image Properties: 500x1217 404.11 kb
Showcase Reason: Fantastic contrast between dark and light and interesting composition bring this piece to life.
- Lady Macbeth
Title: Midnight Visitor [ Anime/Manga :: Saiyuki ] By: Chained Lok
Uploaded On: May 3 0:41:02 2007
Description: Sanzo X Gojyo playing the game of midnight visits. Illustration for my fic "When we Remembered"
Image Properties: 792x612 44.12 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice use of line quality and composition make this an interesting and intense piece to look at.
- Lady Macbeth
Title: lil red [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Little Red Riding Hood ] By: catgurrl
Uploaded On: Jun 4 11:51:21 2007
Description: lil red comming home from grannys market..
Image Properties: 637x546 120.28 kb
Showcase Reason: F.A.R.G. Pick of the Week by reviewer dxgirly: This picture flows beautifully, and I love the sheerness of her ribbons. The detail is fantastic, and has your eyes looking all over, because there's so many attractive points.
Title: Amaria [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: Amaria
Uploaded On: May 20 20:37:31 2007
Charcters: MMorg Forum Member / S
Description: Woo, this took me forever to finish. I only have myself to blame though, since I'm the one who chose to put so much friggin detail in it. Ah well, managed to get it done anyways lol. This is in no way based off my real self. Amaria is simply my persona, an read more
Image Properties: 595x1000 330.79 kb
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Showcase Reason: oekaki pieces always amaze me at how much detail an artist can achieve using a tablet.
Title: Haruko! [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: jasan
Uploaded On: Oct 8 19:08:59 2003
Charcters: Haruko
Description: A requested oekaki of Haruko from FLCL! ^_^ Yay! I used my new tablet and OekakiBBS. Main Reference Pic: http://www.riizu.ca/me/images/haruko.jpg
Image Properties: 300x400 43.41 kb
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Showcase Reason: Serenity is not only the name of the art, but the feeling you get when you look at it.
Title: Serenity [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: playing with demons
Uploaded On: Nov 12 12:23:27 2006
Charcters: Wood Elf/ Elves
Description: Just a small woodland waif asleep in the woods.
Image Properties: 406x600 293.52 kb
Showcase Reason: It's a simple picture of a girl, but at the same time all the shadows are so detailed.
Title: Ai Yori Aoshi [ Anime/Manga :: Ai Yori Aoshi ] By: akai_chou
Uploaded On: Feb 23 2:20:31 2005
Description: just a fanart of the girl from ai yori aoshi.
Image Properties: 637x825 33.05 kb
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Showcase Reason: I like the use of Blue as the overall theme of this piece.
Title: Ryu Soma [ Anime/Manga :: Argento Soma ] By: dk_joy
Uploaded On: Feb 17 18:27:23 2006
Description: OK... bigger pic of Ryu Soma from Argentosoma. Enjoy.
Image Properties: 1296x1149 456.04 kb
Showcase Reason: Very cute character.
Title: Coffee no Jutsu [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: thatreevesgirl
Uploaded On: Jun 11 19:48:17 2007
Charcters: Gaara
Description: This is a picture that I drew a while back. I was leery to post it other places other than ygallery, but I had to. I did put my info on it though XD. I hope you enjoy it.
Image Properties: 700x894 114.3 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice style. I like the lack of shading in this image it enhances the simple chibi style.~Fanilia
Title: Moi. [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: Yavie Feels Pretty
Uploaded On: Apr 11 18:28:02 2007
Charcters: Chibi Art
Description: A very quick self-portrait done for my DeviantArt account a little while back. Yeah... That's one of my more mellow outfits. And my hair isn't brown anymore.
Image Properties: 252x595 49.96 kb
Showcase Reason: Featured Fanartist 4-1-2007
Title: Sesshomaru and inu yasha [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: SWsan
Uploaded On: Feb 22 20:56:04 2003
Charcters: Inuyasha, Sesshomaru
Description: Yeeeeesh this was 4 hours of CGing and 2 hours of pencil and inking at work. All coloring done in OC.
Image Properties: 568x750 151.29 kb
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Showcase Reason: This image expresses an emotion with out using facial features.~Fanilia
Title: Tsukasa [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Lisa_kat
Uploaded On: May 21 12:02:03 2004
Charcters: Tsukasa
Description: Tsukasa. Ummm, yeah. Enjoy! It took me a long time.
Image Properties: 648x648 134.1 kb
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Showcase Reason: Wonderful abstract design using a metallic colour theme.~Fanilia
Title: Broken Vision [ Miscellaneous :: Abstract Art ] By: Yuugi-chan
Uploaded On: Dec 9 14:51:41 2006
Description: This is a graphic design project I did in my computer graphics class. The assignment was that we had to create a picture expressing the word "vision" by creating a design containing one of the letters from that word. So I decided to go with the letter "O", read more
Image Properties: 500x700 256.53 kb
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