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Title: sexy elf [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: inuyashalover04
Uploaded On: Jun 8 13:26:34 2012
Image Properties: 450x600 52.42 kb
Title: INSIDE THE PORTAL [ Mythological :: n/a ] By: Tazzy Wazzy
Uploaded On: Dec 28 5:31:18 2011
Description: Umm... my view inside a soon coming up characters portal
Image Properties: 251x201 9.76 kb
Title: Mythological Liat [ Mythological :: n/a ] By: InsanityRulesInSanity
Uploaded On: Oct 15 2:15:34 2010
Description: This is a creature i made up by myself. Its a hybrid of Lion, tiger, eagle and wolf. This is my earliest drawing of one.
Image Properties: 1170x850 197.81 kb
Title: Eris the Goddess of Chaos [ Mythological :: n/a ] By: Eris of Chaos
Uploaded On: May 21 12:35:02 2010
Image Properties: 180x150 10.07 kb
Title: Kristal the Fairy [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: gena346
Uploaded On: May 19 16:51:02 2010
Description: A picture for my Children Story in Creative Writing.
Image Properties: 1622x1558 437.06 kb
Title: The patchwork mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: tavis harts
Uploaded On: Jan 31 14:16:59 2010
Description: This was a fun one for phil. He commissioned me to do a patchwork mermaid based on this idea of a girl that was so in love with the sea that she made a tail out of other fish and sew it together.
Image Properties: 478x640 229.53 kb
Title: The collector [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: tavis harts
Uploaded On: Jan 31 14:15:17 2010
Description: This one took a while because of all the detail in it. It was sort of an odd start because I started it off as an odd face sketch and then forced myself to add more and more to it.
Image Properties: 320x640 95.41 kb
Title: Dark valkyrie [ Mythological :: Knight/Warrior/Fighter ] By: tavis harts
Uploaded On: Jan 31 14:13:25 2010
Description: This one took me forever to finish for some strange reason. It was a different way of coloring. I actually decided to have a mist effect so on top of usual shading areas farther in the back would fade into the mist. Overall I like how she turned out. The t read more
Image Properties: 468x640 67 kb
Title: Asian peacock [ Mythological :: Phoenix ] By: tavis harts
Uploaded On: Jan 31 14:11:42 2010
Description: This is the first in what will probably be a series of females with peacock hair. I've had the idea for them for a while... just do to how complicated their hair is I've never gotten around to coloring them. This was a fun little painting. I actually decid read more
Image Properties: 471x600 245.43 kb
Title: CaprEquine Stag [ Mythological :: Beast/Beasts ] By: rollaroach
Uploaded On: Jun 15 16:48:49 2009
Description: Another species I made up called the CaprEquine. This is the male of the species, called a 'stag'. Done with sharpies and colored pencils. Inspired from the ibex (wild goat), horse, caribou and okapi.
Image Properties: 974x631 204.21 kb
Title: Daphne chasing Lysander [ Mythological :: Greek Mythology ] By: Saiyan_Kitsune_Foxfire
Uploaded On: Apr 30 15:20:20 2009
Description: Daphne and Lysander are greek D&D characters that my boyfriend and I play. they love each other, but have a hard time telling each other. Daphne is an Amazon and Lysander is a womanizing gladiator.
Image Properties: 1916x1688 166.29 kb
Title: Deidra [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: chaosrising
Uploaded On: Apr 30 14:35:19 2009
Charcters: Dark Elf/Elves
Description: Deidra, a character that i made for a story i might be writing . She is the Elven magus in charge of the kingdoms magics. This is my first attempt at drawing on a computer pls let me know what you think.:)
Image Properties: 1252x2884 163.46 kb
Title: Naga Girl [ Mythological :: Naga/Gorgon ] By: fubukifangirl
Uploaded On: Apr 27 13:52:58 2009
Description: This is Yuna the Naga.As a baby she was found by a human couple who took the infant in and raised her as their own.Despite the fact she is half snake,she acts like an ordinary teenage girl.Strangely,she does not realize she is so different.
Image Properties: 495x300 96.83 kb
Title: dark angel [ Mythological :: n/a ] By: bellayjasper
Uploaded On: Mar 27 10:53:14 2009
Image Properties: 144x199 11.95 kb
Title: goddess [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: redcarpetgirl
Uploaded On: Mar 24 10:07:12 2009
Description: snake charmer
Image Properties: 604x453 66.58 kb
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