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Title: The patchwork mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: tavis harts
Uploaded On: Jan 31 14:16:59 2010
Description: This was a fun one for phil. He commissioned me to do a patchwork mermaid based on this idea of a girl that was so in love with the sea that she made a tail out of other fish and sew it together.
Image Properties: 478x640 229.53 kb
Title: Mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: SwomeSwan
Uploaded On: Aug 8 11:51:55 2008
Image Properties: 636x822 52.64 kb
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Title: The Return [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Goddess of Ice
Uploaded On: Jul 1 10:22:28 2007
Charcters: Serita
Description: I did this last year, it took a collective 900 hours to do on a wooden chair in acrylic paint. It is a reproduction of Jonathen Earl Bowser's The Return that I did for my art class. This is the seat of the chair featuring a winged mermaid that holds the li read more
Image Properties: 600x537 42.44 kb
Title: My Little Mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Silver Moon Dragon
Uploaded On: Mar 21 17:04:46 2006
Description: I wanted to try a different pose and I've always loved mermaids! lol I experimented a lot with this picture, this was the first one I ever DIDNT outline and I actually shaded lol well as well as I could :-D Im VERY happy with this lol esspecially the hair, read more
Image Properties: 497x634 88.95 kb
Title: cy mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: strange_undead
Uploaded On: May 24 19:33:41 2005
Charcters: Serita
Description: This is one of the thing I thought up when I was siting in my bed room
Image Properties: 976x1168 131.73 kb
Title: Seelunafey, Naiad of the Pacifica [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Feichin Lefay
Uploaded On: Apr 6 14:56:44 2005
Description: A warrior-prince among his tribe, Seelunafey as Humans call him is a firece guardian with the poisonous spines of a lionfish and a tooth-blade made from the fangs of a megaladon that dwells in the trenches. On an unalert day, an underwater camera had caugh read more
Image Properties: 433x606 33.77 kb
Title: My First Mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Sakurawind
Uploaded On: Mar 8 15:19:04 2005
Description: I use photoshop on my first pic of a mermaid.
Image Properties: 500x800 49.82 kb
Title: Mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: InuPrincess
Uploaded On: Feb 28 12:58:14 2005
Description: I love this pic...I think it came out great!!! Hand drawn and colored with colored pencils. I hope you guys like it!! Please review ^_^
Image Properties: 710x567 123.45 kb
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Title: In my fish bowl [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: strange0dreams
Uploaded On: Jan 3 15:23:09 2005
Description: Undine is my mermaid's name. I named her after the the main character of 'de La Motte-Foqué', published by William Heinemann. Now a warning to all those who want one: Mermaid are difficult pets to keep simply for the reason that they truly love to b read more
Image Properties: 400x300 30.09 kb
Title: Waiting for Scorpio [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: MystifyingDamsel
Uploaded On: Aug 27 12:18:27 2004
Description: Just finished this today... I like it but I messed up on the eyes and also on the scales BIG TIME. Heh... though, I think it still looks good. PLEASE comment... because well, I have NEVER gotten a comment and YES I am desperate now :-P hehe
Image Properties: 1168x942 128.52 kb
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Title: Mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Zeli
Uploaded On: Feb 8 16:32:03 2004
Description: Random Mermaid lady. She was gonna be nude but then I relized I was in school and made her clothes really fast.
Image Properties: 330x666 46.68 kb
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Title: The Little Mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Meggie
Uploaded On: Nov 17 9:35:15 2003
Description: Uhh, I know that MediaMiner changed some stuff, so I'm not sure if this is "adult" or not. I'm saying "not" right now because it's nekkid-ness, more that naked-ness. Plus, I think it's tasteful rather than vulgar. What does anyone else think? Should I chan read more
Image Properties: 500x630 109.47 kb
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Title: mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: spellhorn
Uploaded On: Oct 30 13:31:25 2003
Description: This is a picture drawn by one of my best friends, sweetkaiser.She gave it to me as a gift and yes I have her permision to post it. Isn't it beautiful ^-^ (*sigh* I wish I could draw like that)REVIEW AND FEED HER EGO!!! (she needs it)
Image Properties: 1107x1545 120.8 kb
Title: Mermaid [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: corynth
Uploaded On: Sep 20 16:45:34 2002
Description: I'm quite pleased with how this one turned out. My one real gripe with this pic is that I realized 1/3 of the way through that she's in a classic Sub-Mariner pose. This made me wince pretty badly when taken in conjuction with the fact that she's an underwa read more
Image Properties: 803x718 118.06 kb
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Title: Goldfish people [ Mythological :: Mermaid/Merfolk ] By: Merriya
Uploaded On: Sep 18 20:50:08 2002
Description: i love fish!especially goldfish...so these two would be the human version of my goldfish...just two..(i have 27 goldfish in total...wasnt gonna draw 'em all)
Image Properties: 259x465 26.43 kb
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