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Title: FOOLY COOLY [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: Robyn05
Uploaded On: Jul 1 11:22:56 2006
Charcters: Haruko
Image Properties: 702x699 86.62 kb
Title: Naota [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: Takouji04
Uploaded On: Nov 25 19:35:28 2005
Charcters: Naota
Description: I love this pic so much! Naota from FLCL (Furi Kuri)
Image Properties: 640x480 58.83 kb
Title: Haruko [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: Xu p a n d a
Uploaded On: Aug 29 11:34:02 2005
Charcters: Haruko
Description: Haruko from FLCL ^^ [Adobe Photoshop 7.0]
Image Properties: 500x500 70.85 kb
Title: light it up, burn you down2 [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: corinne
Uploaded On: Jul 2 15:36:00 2005
Description: this is the darker version of the other mamimi i think i like this one better, please veiw and review
Image Properties: 623x804 176.51 kb
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Title: cant remember you [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: corinne
Uploaded On: Jun 30 11:44:14 2005
Charcters: Mamimi
Description: i spent about 2 hours making this because im just learning how to color, i must say im really please with it
Image Properties: 499x664 138.27 kb
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Title: Haruko [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: ChaosMage
Uploaded On: Mar 19 12:18:20 2005
Charcters: Haruko
Description: Haruhara Haruko from the last episode of FLCL. On the suggestion of a reviewer, I downloaded Open Canvas. Forgive the ditzy-ness, it's the greatest thing I've ever used and I love it! The picture itself is quite simple, though. I'm still trying to learn wh read more
Image Properties: 549x870 52.59 kb
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Title: naota+haruko [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: shadygirl70
Uploaded On: Jan 27 18:35:37 2005
Charcters: Haruko, Naota
Image Properties: 736x842 67.73 kb
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Title: FLCLimax [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: ChaosMage
Uploaded On: Oct 1 15:57:48 2004
Charcters: Naota
Description: Just something I did in about half an hour.
Image Properties: 800x1053 75.82 kb
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Title: Movies of our Dreams [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: Spacecataz
Uploaded On: Jul 27 8:49:41 2004
Charcters: Haruko, Naota
Description: Haruko and Naota sleeping together peacefully. Adapted from the manga book 2 inlay.
Image Properties: 801x847 357.02 kb
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Title: Skyward -Ho! [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: Sapphire Eve
Uploaded On: Jul 14 21:24:49 2004
Charcters: Mamimi, Naota
Description: Beach visit - Naota and Mamimi...although, they seem to be shot up into the air?
Image Properties: 641x1000 126.26 kb
Title: Haruko [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: sailorrikku
Uploaded On: Apr 27 13:41:35 2004
Charcters: Haruko
Description: Water color one,based on Manga
Image Properties: 1275x1664 264.47 kb
Title: Ladies of FLCL [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: sailorrikku
Uploaded On: Apr 27 13:39:21 2004
Description: I did this in water colors,basedon Manga not anime
Image Properties: 1275x1664 319.3 kb
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Title: Haroku [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: Riomi
Uploaded On: Jan 7 22:11:41 2004
Charcters: Haruko
Image Properties: 540x800 74.49 kb
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Title: A day in the Life of an FLCL world. [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: Miaka-chan
Uploaded On: Jan 1 8:24:48 2004
Description: I was on summer vacation one day and I was uberly bored, so I drew a picture that was inspried by FLCL. I sorta like how it came out, even though it was completely drawn in pen XD
Image Properties: 628x813 151.42 kb
Title: Kitsurubami [ Anime/Manga :: FLCL ] By: DBZ_Teena
Uploaded On: Nov 1 13:10:56 2003
Description: Kitsurubami..first character i drew from Furi Kuri, because i like her alot..she gets weapons and says "Blue Blue Cobalt Blue....FISH!" hahhahahhahhahaI use to role play as her on msn...>.< they mean now..so i am not role playin on that anymore....u. read more
Image Properties: 352x576 26.35 kb
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