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Title: A part of Tsukasa [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Subaru95
Uploaded On: Apr 13 7:43:02 2008
Charcters: Tsukasa
Description: I've see the anime preaty cool and opening to
Image Properties: 1700x2338 193.67 kb
Title: Deletion [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Dragonprayer
Uploaded On: Jun 3 14:27:45 2006
Charcters: Kite
Description: /^^/ * dance* \^^\ * dance* Kite is the man! I recently started to play the game .Hack and MAN, I can't get enough of it! Thankfully, .HACK//G.U will come out soon!
Image Properties: 640x445 350.98 kb
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Title: Aura [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: famine of seducers
Uploaded On: May 28 0:34:00 2006
Charcters: Aura
Description: a lil poem and a pic put together
Image Properties: 684x900 67.06 kb
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Title: Tsukasa (Drawn on P.C) [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Inguz
Uploaded On: Nov 2 7:31:57 2005
Charcters: Tsukasa
Description: This is a picture I made on photoshop like software, it's my first try making anime pics on the P.c so be nice. Anyway I do a lot of painting and sketching (that is way better than this!!) and I will post it on a later date.
Image Properties: 1280x960 145.45 kb
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Title: Black Rose [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Kathy
Uploaded On: Oct 22 20:06:50 2005
Charcters: Blackrose
Description: Gods, I am so DEEEEEEEP *_*. *cough* In answer.... I sure as hell hope not. Haven't played the video game yet though, so I can't say for sure. n_n And for those of you wondering...Black Rose is a character in multiple games / animes / mangas from the .hack read more
Image Properties: 528x750 144.84 kb
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Title: Player Kite is Dead [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Taltos
Uploaded On: Jul 10 19:13:27 2004
Description: Yay for Aura/Shugo-ness. This was always one of my favorite scenes, it's right after Aura kisses 'em. I don't own the song lyrics that sorta kinda make up the bg, they're to Are You a Ghost? by a group called BWitched. I hate Shugo's hair, btw. -_-;
Image Properties: 1000x1032 81.08 kb
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Title: Tsukasa [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Lisa_kat
Uploaded On: May 21 12:02:03 2004
Charcters: Tsukasa
Description: Tsukasa. Ummm, yeah. Enjoy! It took me a long time.
Image Properties: 648x648 134.1 kb
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Title: Grunty Grunty Oink Oink [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Taka-chan
Uploaded On: Mar 27 9:12:21 2004
Description: Just a random grunty pic...
Image Properties: 286x302 21.2 kb
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Title: Shugo and Rena (from Hack// Dusk) [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Artzangel
Uploaded On: Feb 9 14:19:57 2004
Description: Half inked and pencil drawing... still haven't finished it yet but I'm going to color it and make it into a scroll hopefully if I have the time to It took such a long time to figure out the hand positions and everything else like outfits and stuff but all read more
Image Properties: 500x640 100.26 kb
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Title: Sora - PAINTED! [ Anime/Manga :: .hack//SIGN ] By: Miaka-chan
Uploaded On: Jan 1 8:58:10 2004
Description: This was completely done on the computer. Drew the craptapular picture of Sora, slapped on a background and framed it XD It's not bad for 10 minutes.
Image Properties: 574x405 118.57 kb