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Showcase Reason: F.A.R.G. Pick of the week by reviewer Abyss: This piece has a very interesting concept. The amount of details for the characters in the background along with the vibrant colors used make this a lively image.
Title: Do Geisha Dream of Bunnies? [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: remuus
Uploaded On: Sep 21 14:06:11 2006
Charcters: Bishoujo
Description: My first upload ^^. Rescaled and bad quality-ed to fit the size requirement. To see the real thing go to http://www.remuus.deviantart.com *shameless self plug >_
Image Properties: 750x578 174.11 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice fanart drawing coloured in Photo Shop.~Fanilia
Title: Hiei rojo [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: RAMSIN
Uploaded On: Sep 5 9:04:28 2006
Charcters: Hiei
Description: Un poco de mi arte, este dibujito lo hice en photoshop n_n
Image Properties: 800x1013 253.24 kb
Showcase Reason: Featured FanArtist Week of 9-17-2006.
Title: Draco Malfoy and the Youkai's Curse [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: aoikamisarah
Uploaded On: Dec 1 14:08:07 2002
Description: This is a poster, yet again for a fic i haven't started wrtiting yet. it's all in my head, just haven't found time or patience to write down more than a 2 page summary. In this story, Draco gets cursed by a curse than Sesshou-maru placed long ago. He must read more
Image Properties: 516x648 266.37 kb
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Showcase Reason: Beautifully done with pen.~Silver Armada
Title: +Formality+ [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: SkippyChick
Uploaded On: Aug 21 18:08:30 2006
Charcters: Hyuuga Hinata, Ino, Sakura, Tenten
Description: The Konoha kunoichi in formal-wear. :3 All the designs, crappy pen-work and mutilation of character design are mine. Wheee!
Image Properties: 1100x686 158.58 kb
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Showcase Reason: Chibi characters done is a very cute style and coloured by hand.~Fanilia
Title: Class chibis! [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: Garita
Uploaded On: Sep 15 4:38:25 2006
Charcters: Chibi Art
Description: This is me and three of my friends from class... we love Fake!
Image Properties: 500x755 76.19 kb
Showcase Reason: Featured FanArtist Week of 9-10-2006.
Title: Caught in The Act [ Anime/Manga :: Prince of Tennis ] By: mon
Uploaded On: Sep 26 3:39:16 2005
Charcters: Atobe Keigo, Tezuka Kunimitsu
Description: Random Seigaku : *shocked* Bb-b-Buchou..!! W-w-what a-are you doing w-w-with... A-A-Atobe!!!?? Tezuka : *speechless* ...! Atobe : *smirk* Are you blind or what? Isn't that clear what we are doing, aah~n?
Image Properties: 568x850 68.4 kb
Showcase Reason: Solid lineart and good hand colouring.~Fanilia
Title: Arashi [ Anime/Manga :: Paradise Kiss ] By: Lady Elysium
Uploaded On: Jun 18 8:09:57 2005
Description: This is Arashi, from Paradise Kiss! (c) Ai Yazawa I sux at backgrounds and was too lazy to do one..so the white space will have to do for now. Ink, pens, color pencils
Image Properties: 531x839 82.51 kb
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Showcase Reason: Nice design elements.~Fanilia
Title: Lil' Angel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: FallumFey
Uploaded On: Sep 5 13:23:11 2006
Description: Nothing big to say. It's a picture one of my friends wished for.
Image Properties: 443x650 231.78 kb
Showcase Reason: Beautifully detailed line art.~Fanilia
Title: + V a n i t y + [ Miscellaneous :: Original Characters W/O an Anime Series ] By: Terra Mecca Solace
Uploaded On: Jul 7 11:15:51 2006
Description: Art trade with my friend Megan on deviant art of course. I'm happy with this because it ACTUALLY CAME OUT RIGHT. Hope you get the impression of noir as I do :D
Image Properties: 567x1250 144.12 kb
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Showcase Reason: Clean cut lines, nice composition.~Fanilia
Title: Give Me Strength [ Anime/Manga :: Loveless ] By: paralleltodarkness
Uploaded On: Jun 23 17:04:39 2006
Description: That blue thing around Ritsuka's neck is Restriction. Soubi's about to kiss Ritsuka, but not sure if it really looks like that. Overall, I think Ritsuka turned out pretty well, though I can't say the same for Soubi. No matter what I did, he just would not read more
Image Properties: 500x312 29.7 kb
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Showcase Reason: This image's design is very well done and interesting.~Fanilia
Title: Juxtaposition [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: jadelightningwolf
Uploaded On: Aug 21 17:17:34 2006
Charcters: Inuyasha, Sesshomaru
Description: A very large digital piece that I'm ridiculously proud of. Meant to show how Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru are very alike and yet at the same time very different. Kanji reads "Lord of Life" for Sesshoumaru and "Lord of Death" for Inuyasha. Both kanji are in ref read more
Image Properties: 1250x2500 410.61 kb
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Showcase Reason: I really enjoy hand medium images. I like his facial expression.~Fanilia
Title: Subaru [ Anime/Manga :: Tokyo Babylon ] By: Aoi Hebi
Uploaded On: Aug 22 18:31:47 2006
Charcters: Subaru Sumeragi
Description: I really loved Subaru's design in Tokyo Babylon, so I just thought I'd do a quick BW pic of him. I had a major style leak though, lol, I hope he still looks like himself! Medium: Ink
Image Properties: 550x975 72.83 kb
Showcase Reason: Color and composition combined nicely.~Fanilia
Title: Sai [ Anime/Manga :: Hikaru No Go ] By: Irianime
Uploaded On: Jul 30 2:07:40 2006
Charcters: Sai
Description: Just a tribute to Sai.
Image Properties: 637x800 152.84 kb
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Showcase Reason: Featured FanArtist Week of 9-3-2006.
Title: Itachi gets the Prize [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: ahou
Uploaded On: Jul 16 2:48:28 2005
Charcters: Itachi
Description: Itachi gets the prize...simply Naruto. Of course, Sasuke's really pissed off. Media: Cheap 24 colors colored pencils Comments and Reviews would be much appreciated!
Image Properties: 800x750 292.32 kb
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Showcase Reason: The pose has a strong sense of attutide.~Fanilia
Title: Ed and Al Profile [ Anime/Manga :: Fullmetal Alchemist ] By: BtP
Uploaded On: Mar 28 15:06:54 2005
Description: I wondered while drawing this, whether Al is exceptionally tall, or Ed is is exceptionally...er, vertically challenged. One or the other, I wanted to make the difference in height significant. This is the first character set image of several I have current read more
Image Properties: 600x755 88.21 kb
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