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Title: Yoko Kurama [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Rena-Story-Writer
Uploaded On: Apr 25 15:32:19 2015
Charcters: Kurama

This was my first ever attempt at doing fanart. I did about 4 yearsago now and i admit to not having done a very good job but read more
Image Properties: 1700x2338 467.99 kb
Title: kurkag, by your side. [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: ezra-oztam
Uploaded On: Jul 19 5:57:50 2012
Charcters: Kurama
Description: crossover image, kurama kagome, like it? please review!
Image Properties: 1024x768 96.78 kb
Title: Diary of a Demon's Slave Cover [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Oreana Date
Uploaded On: Feb 15 13:51:21 2010
Charcters: Jin the Wind Master, Kurama Youko, Kuronue, Yuusuke Urameshi
Description: This was to answer the age old Q of if or when I would do the sequel to The Worthless Humans. So, yes, eventually I will. I owe it to some people I have teased the idea about. The horror of the anatomy issues. rofl Okuro was my worst victim of this. (And y read more
Image Properties: 800x950 477.38 kb
Title: Hi Im Zinnia [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: ZinniaLunaJaganshi
Uploaded On: Jan 3 5:43:16 2010
Charcters: Original Character
Description: This artwork is almost three years old. This is Zinnia, a fire/wolf demon from my comical Yu Yu Hakusho fanfictions.
Image Properties: 600x825 32.83 kb
Title: Hiei [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: inukaglover815
Uploaded On: Jan 1 23:50:29 2010
Charcters: Hiei
Image Properties: 336x401 21.62 kb
Title: Tea [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Ma-zoku
Uploaded On: Dec 5 15:33:58 2009
Charcters: Genkai
Description: I forgot when I drew this, but I found it amongst my old doodles and decided to scan it and upload it. It's taken from the manga I think, but I couldn't tell you which volume off the top of my head.
Image Properties: 585x425 68.12 kb
Title: Rolling in the sheets [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: amaya_vixen
Uploaded On: Oct 16 20:48:10 2009
Charcters: Kurama
Image Properties: 362x209 86.84 kb
Title: The Heart Within (Sango, Hiei and Kurama) [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: YoukaiFate
Uploaded On: Apr 28 21:57:55 2009
Charcters: Jaganshi Hiei, Kurama
Description: Doodled with a pen while brainstorming for my IY/YYH crossover, "The Heart Within."
Image Properties: 1241x1083 180.72 kb
Title: Meiyo [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: DNSora
Uploaded On: Mar 18 1:17:55 2009
Charcters: Original Character
Description: I finally have my picture of Meiyo up. This is Hiei and Yukina's father. Sorry it took so long.
Image Properties: 777x816 47.88 kb
Title: Hiei's Idea [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Neko_Chaos
Uploaded On: Dec 9 16:56:40 2008
Charcters: Hiei
Description: This is for every one that likes to think of Hiei having a sweet tooth! Hehehehe.
Image Properties: 3072x2304 482.21 kb
Title: Confrontation [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: YoukaiFate
Uploaded On: Oct 21 17:25:05 2008
Charcters: Hiei
Description: Sango X Hiei. Done in pencil, pose referenced from a drawing book. Done for "The Heart Within," my SangoXHieiXKurama crossover. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, etc., of Inuyasha or Yu Yu Hakusho. This story is for entertainment purposes onl read more
Image Properties: 1237x1436 169.46 kb
Title: Adult Hiei [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: DNSora
Uploaded On: Aug 19 22:19:57 2008
Charcters: Hiei
Description: This is Hiei from my series beginning with Ties that Bind. He's not too different just a pony tail broader shoulders and taller. Taller than Kurama but not as tall as Kuwabara. Just to give you guys a visual. Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or any o read more
Image Properties: 821x902 86.4 kb
Title: Kurama [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Yami No Rei
Uploaded On: Jun 12 5:18:49 2008
Charcters: Kurama, Minamino, Shuuichi
Description: Like you can see [ at last I hope you can ^^; ] I tryed to draw Kurama from " Yu Yu Hakusho ". That's the ending effect. ^^ I made in school. Heh heh, I was a little bored at that moment. ^^; Sorry for the bad copy. My aparat didn't want to cooperat with m read more
Image Properties: 467x640 164.86 kb
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Title: Cila, Hiei and Child [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Keih
Uploaded On: May 23 23:51:32 2008
Charcters: Hiei
Description: The child sadly, doesn't have a name yet! lol The woman sleeping is Cila another oc. She's for another new story I'm writting called "If This Is Living". She's actually a girl from Hiei's past of course, i won't give away it all, that'd ruin the fun after read more
Image Properties: 1024x689 190.11 kb
Title: Hiei x Reiuzuna [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: Keih
Uploaded On: May 23 23:47:47 2008
Charcters: Hiei
Description: Okay, so this is my more recent image. I actually just finished coloring this yesterday or so. Anyways, it's an image of Hiei and Reiuzune. WHo is Reiuzune you ask? She's an oc (original character) that I've made for my newest fan fiction "It's My Job" whi read more
Image Properties: 768x1344 449.64 kb
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