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Title: Angel Spirit [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: ekf501
Uploaded On: Aug 7 16:18:13 2007
Description: This is digitally redone/cleaned up drawing of me which I altered slightly from my appearance. Then i added a staff and a wing. Her staff is her magic, she uses it with/for spells of goodness and purity. She helps humans and angels alike. She only has one read more
Image Properties: 1544x2080 244.04 kb
Title: Cherub [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Mickey-the-Mouse
Uploaded On: Jul 14 16:38:09 2007
Description: This is about three years old and done with ink using the stippling method. I tell you the wings took me hours!
Image Properties: 500x544 103.36 kb
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Title: aungel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: kage-kun
Uploaded On: Mar 26 9:34:12 2007
Description: A female-looking Cherub, just a quick sketch to prove I'm still alive despite life being hectic. Real cherubs aren't cutesy naked winged babies, they're fierce guardians and protectors of the faith, amongst other things.
Image Properties: 450x510 51.1 kb
Title: Lil' Angel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: FallumFey
Uploaded On: Sep 5 13:23:11 2006
Description: Nothing big to say. It's a picture one of my friends wished for.
Image Properties: 443x650 231.78 kb
Title: What am I? Light or darkness? [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: FallumFey
Uploaded On: Aug 21 14:51:15 2006
Description: -----What am I?- Am I light?- Or darkness?-- Do I serve god?- Or the devil?- Am I - Fallen?-- I don't know yet.- Torn between white- and black!-----
Image Properties: 462x650 129.93 kb
Title: Angel of Sadness - I Give You What's Left... [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Lady Kirima
Uploaded On: May 20 15:51:01 2006
Description: This is the true Angel of Sorrow, I will be drawing and Angel for each of the characters. Her name is Ariluna. Fanfiction - "Time".
Image Properties: 962x1264 491.29 kb
Title: Angel of Death - The Time Has Come... [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Lady Kirima
Uploaded On: May 20 15:47:09 2006
Charcters: Lucifer
Description: This guy reminds me of Lucifer and he is in one of my fanfic, which currently does not exist. It's going to be called "Time". His name is Aragothian I don't mind if you review, just as long as people check it out will make me happy.
Image Properties: 800x742 342.5 kb
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Title: Angel's Lullaby [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: sadamex
Uploaded On: Dec 21 9:38:33 2005
Description: Scanned lineart of a sleeping angel (how can you sleep with all those jewelry?! ^^;;).
Image Properties: 500x707 110.18 kb
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Title: Angel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: kitsuneluvuh
Uploaded On: Sep 9 12:40:55 2005
Description: She's nakie!!! But she's not showing anything or doing anything perverted, so I'm not gonna put her under "Mature Audiences." I was just practicing drawing wings for this one... ^^U I think I need a little more work.
Image Properties: 640x465 45.23 kb
Title: Archangel Gabriel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: LadyMad
Uploaded On: Jul 23 17:34:57 2005
Charcters: Gabriel
Description: I drew this picture for the cover of a story I'm currently working on and was talked into putting it on the internet by a friend.
Image Properties: 600x825 18.59 kb
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Title: Heavenly Waitress [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Tari Tsunami
Uploaded On: May 7 8:33:18 2005
Description: A kawaii little angel girl. I colored her with some pens, so it's a little sloppy, but I thought it was cute.
Image Properties: 440x640 112.93 kb
Title: Guardian Angel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: ZTolerance06
Uploaded On: Jan 18 19:12:41 2005
Description: My first good CG pic!! ^_^ please review
Image Properties: 366x488 379.51 kb
Title: Tyrona [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: Sefarina Malaika
Uploaded On: Dec 3 6:38:56 2004
Description: One of my Online characters that I created a few years ago
Image Properties: 447x611 64.8 kb
Title: Beautiful Angel [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: SillyNiecy
Uploaded On: Nov 24 17:03:25 2004
Description: This is Kohaku from the Manga Wish, but the Wish in the manga section isn't the correct Wish (I believe). I wanted to put the image somewhere where more people would be able to see it and all that. I love this picture, it is one of my best (that's not sayi read more
Image Properties: 388x512 36.53 kb
Title: 3wings [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: -ethereal-
Uploaded On: Nov 19 10:05:54 2004
Description: This was scanned(pencil sketch) and coloured on PS5. The wings are blotchy and the colour overlaps, sorry about that, but overall it's ok...I think?
Image Properties: 1028x727 131.59 kb
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