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Inferant by Raven Star
Artwork uploaded on Oct 29 2:07:43 PST 2002, since then it was viewed 810 times.
Artist's Commentary
Here's another original Pokémon that I created for the RPG that I am a member of called 'Pokémon Houlâ' (http://www.pokemonhoula.com/index.html).
The Pokemon is called Inferant, a Fire/Bug/Fighting type Pokemon, the evolved form of Pyrant.
This picture was drawn for me by Kalwalsi (boryfun@hotmail.com)
InferantEle ment: Bug/Fire/FightingType: Arson BugHeight: 5’3”
Weight: 107 lbs.
Evolution: Does not evolveDescription:
Sprouts long transparent wings that go down the length of their bodies, as they gain the ability to walk on two legs, They become stubborn, and will continue fighting, until they can no longer fight. They can fly up 25 miles per hour, and powerful fighters, making it almost impossible for trainers to capture one in the wild.
The males are more aggressive and hostile than their previous evolution, as they protect their territory from unwanted intruders in order to protect their homes, while the females gather food.
Depending on what kind of mood they might be in, whenever they fly through the air, small specks of powder fall from their wings, accidentally starting forest fires wherever they go.

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