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Horseshoe: Lucien
Dimensions: 400x858 pixels, 59 Kb
Horseshoe: Lucien by Banana Soap
Artwork uploaded on Mar 23 14:40:10 PST 2004, since then it was viewed 3011 times and reviewed 7 times.
Artist's Commentary
Character: Lucien Original Series: Horseshoe Horseshoe is a dark comedy about a demonologist who pairs up with a vampire to help him fulfill his quest and finally die in peace. Lucien is an ancient vampire who was turned against his will. He truly just wants to die and be over and done with life, however the only way to do that is to find his maker and destroy him. But he is an ancient and only recently reawakened vampire, how is he supposed to do that in a world so overpopulated and changed that its impossible to find the sky? In comes Mercedes, a demonologist with a depraved sense of humor and the means to help him find his maker. So they strike a deal, he helps her complete her encyclopedia of demons, she helps him find eternal peace.

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