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Harry and Cho
Dimensions: 300x300 pixels, 117 Kb
Harry and Cho by Tsuta
Artwork uploaded on Apr 3 14:13:31 PST 2004, since then it was viewed 3440 times and reviewed 5 times.
Artist's Commentary
Didn't post recent art here in ages! I'm still a die-hard slash fan, but I've been wanting to do a Harry and Cho pic since forever. Not because I like that couple, but because the idea of them is hysterical. Harry is just such a ...teenage boy with her! And I can understand where she's coming from, but she's such a crybaby XD ...Well, he's going throught so much that I guess that's why I like seeing him acting like a normal boy his age. This take place in the hidden room (forgot the name) in OotP, when they're learning the patronus charm (in case you didn't get it lol)

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