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Escapeing Destiny
Dimensions: 650x650 pixels, 82 Kb
Escapeing Destiny by Nicole1725
Category: Anime/Manga
Artwork uploaded on Oct 20 9:32:39 PDT 2004, since then it was viewed 5163 times and reviewed 6 times.
Artist's Commentary
meh had to delete a pic to upload this...... yep I know older Kouichi with his hair parted on the opisite side looks sort of like Athrun from Gundam Seed LOL but whatever....let me explain this pic a little I really was in the mood to do something dark and sort of spooky guess since it's October it fits hehe Kouichi is er I guess escapeing someplace threw a swamp like area with odd bones and demonlike hands or something not quite sure what they are myself and I drew the thing..... haha maybe it's just parts of trees that look like hands.... anyways since I lowered the quality of this from over 600kb to around 70 or something the quality went down alot if you wish to see it in it's original quality and watch the animation to this oekaki go here http://pallid.unixdaemons.com/Oekaki/index.php?artist=Nicole1725&sortartist2=Go also I cleaned up the background and turned it into a wallpaper the file is to big to upload here so you can check that out here er I couldnt find an image hosting site that would allow me to upload the gile to bug..... http://www.deviantart.com/view/11466043/

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