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Inuyasha to Kagome
Dimensions: 963x742 pixels, 45 Kb
Inuyasha to Kagome by prinsess_serenity59
Artwork uploaded on Jan 22 8:47:35 PST 2005, since then it was viewed 3342 times and reviewed 2 times.
Artist's Commentary
Ok I saw this really cute picture of Inuyasha on google so ya know I drew it than after drawing it a few times I thought of this Young Kagome has on a pair of black cat ears that cover her real ears and also has a red fire rat coat and pants on, I used to have Inuyasha and Kagome kissing at top (faded heads above them)but I showed my mum and she said they were necking so got rid of that I might put up the rough sketch and the first opne I did of him Im not sure tell me what you think flames aloud 'cause Im not the best artist ~Randi~

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