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Team 7 in a treehouse
Dimensions: 575x798 pixels, 303 Kb
Team 7 in a treehouse by Asuka Kureru
Artwork uploaded on Jul 19 6:36:51 PDT 2005, since then it was viewed 8740 times and reviewed 5 times.
Artist's Commentary
First time drawing a sky that isn't pure blue, yay. Also, yay for first time drawing a treehouse. I like treehouses. i don't need perfect perspective or uber-straight lines. And yay times ten for FROGS. naruto, BTW, isn't sad or depressed. he's looking down at the frog on his knee. I know there are some little problems with the anatomy, Sakura is ugly and the posts in the foreground are too dark, but WTF. I don't feel like spending a second longer on this pic. x_x (I miss sasuke... T_T when will he come back in the manga? *sobsob*)

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