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"Photo album"
Dimensions: 1650x1272 pixels, 395 Kb
"Photo album" by Weissangel24
Artwork uploaded on Aug 31 20:12:08 PDT 2005, since then it was viewed 1654 times.
Artist's Commentary
Freehand, From memory, mechanical pencil, colored pencils. I drew the origional, photocopied it several times, then proceeded to ruin three of them until I got the coloring the way I wanted it. I drew this for Animerica's "Favorite Characters" Contest. Sadly I didn't win. I wasn't even printed :( I couldn't decide who to draw since I love several animes, so I chose my favorites and drew them in a "Photo Aray" ^-^ It has Kyo, Yuki, Puu, Omi, Yukito, Keero, Kurama, Hiei, Hiiro, Duo, Trowa, Quatre and Wu Fei.

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