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Pirates Halloween~
Dimensions: 852x614 pixels, 156 Kb
Pirates Halloween~ by Natsumi Chan
Artwork uploaded on Oct 25 8:23:28 PDT 2005, since then it was viewed 3768 times and reviewed 4 times.
Artist's Commentary
Waaah~ This piece took FOREVER. Total EVIL thing to colour... x3! So glad it's complete now. n.n! Anyway~ This piece is in response to the MM.org Halloween Competition. I feel really mean for leaving Ussop and Chopper out. ;0; ...Not so mean for leaving out Robin as I don't really know a lot about her yet. Fufufu~ I'm pleased with how Luffy turned out. ^___^ Zoro: Luffy.... you're meant to be dressed up... Luffy: I am! Zoro: ... As what? Luffy: A Pirate! ^______________^ Zoro: .... -__- (Anou BAKA!)

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