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What the F**k?!
Dimensions: 345x238 pixels, 13 Kb
What the F**k?! by Whitney-chan2005
Artwork uploaded on Jan 29 6:07:50 PST 2006, since then it was viewed 727 times.
Artist's Commentary
Ha ha another one I did out of sheer boredom. It's supposed to take place at Tamahome and Miaka's wedding. T: Why the hell Are ya starin at me like that...Rocks?" R: When an unmarried woman from my world catches the brides bouqet itmeans that she is the next to get married. T:*Stares at her for a second then backs away freaked out* Oh you wish! Maybe when hell freezes over an' Miaka ain't hungry. Miaka: Well actually Tasuki I'm not all that hungry right now... T*Runs away* no way! You can forget it Rocki! R*Chases after him* You can't fight it Tasuki! It's destiny! Nuriko: Go get him Rocki-chan!! I'll even help you! T:Stop encouragin' her Nuriko!!! LOL poor Tasuki, the hardest thing to do was Tasuki's hair, that's why he's kinda funky looking. And the outfiits are based off of a pic Watase-san did in the artbook, only Rocki's is the girl version (Or what I think it would look like.

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