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Under the blossoms
Dimensions: 527x609 pixels, 269 Kb
Under the blossoms by Shortcake Middy
Artwork uploaded on May 28 6:09:16 PDT 2006, since then it was viewed 1663 times.
Artist's Commentary
First before you comlain about the pairing! My friend and her Boyfriend cosplay as these two characters so I thought it would be a cute idea for her Birthday. ^-^ This was origonally a messy sketch that I attempted to 'clean up' after being scanned in..but the scan just made it more messy looking so it has a very sketched appearence. I KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH SASUKE SO NO RUBBIE IT IN! Since I don't watch THAT much Naruto (more of a Furuba freak) I used the reference pics my friend gave me..but his full body ref pic turned out to be a reflection..so I didn't notice that a certain something was on the wrong side until after I finished the pic and watched the latest english episode. - - so yes... Comments are very welcome as long as they are not flames on the pair..closed minded birthday ruiner BASTA**S

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