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Planet Vegeta Sagas
Dimensions: 629x697 pixels, 221 Kb
Planet Vegeta Sagas by flame-washu
Artwork uploaded on Mar 15 21:44:35 PDT 2008, since then it was viewed 1035 times.
Artist's Commentary
I am very proud of this one, I just today drew this. This is my cover for my latest FanFic: Planet Vegeta Sagas. When I scanned it, the color of the picture was kind of dull, so I enhanced it. I really want to know what you think of this picture. Characters: Upper left - Fasha (Seripa), bottom left - Bardock, Bottom center - Vegeta, Closer to Vegeta - King Vegeta, Far right bottom - Turles, Center right - Freiza, Upper right - Little Goku's space pod. lol My story will be on this site, sooner this week. Not completely finished. This story is really adult contented. I'm going to have to edit it for safe viewing. Dont get mad, lol. If you want more info, comment me! Flame-Washu Vinny!