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Dimensions: 1594x838 pixels, 131 Kb
001 by broken-wings
Artwork uploaded on Apr 22 19:40:20 PDT 2008, since then it was viewed 495 times.
Artist's Commentary
The three new editions to Cephiro's Magic Knights. Mirei, the knight of Strength and Will. Hana, the knight of Kindness and Love. and Chiriko, the knight of Bravery and Friendship. Mirei (Me-ray) is a fourteen year old girl who is highly gifted in the art of combat and... well art. Has a photographic memory and can draw just about anything she sees. She is both incredibly strong and willfully determined to succeed in anything she dose. Next is little Hana. Kind and incisive to those around her, Hana always has a smile on her face. Despite her loving heart she is no where near naive. She holds a dark secret as well. Chiriko is a selfish, self centered, cowered and is completely, 110%, against being forced into this epic tale. So, why is she the knight of bravery and friendship? Who knows. But, as the hero always dose, she'll grow out of that attitude... At least a little bit.