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Dimensions: 818x704 pixels, 100 Kb
Motherhood by Yuugi-chan
Artwork uploaded on Jun 21 15:14:50 PDT 2008, since then it was viewed 1112 times and reviewed 1 times.
Artist's Commentary
Before all the Hellsing fans go off on me for drawing a pregnant Integra, listen to my reasoning behind this first. I honestly think Integra would be a good mother, despite her cool demeanor. If she's going to raise a child to succeed her, then she'd do a damn good job to make sure she brought that child up right. Also, since she grew up without a father, I'm pretty sure she'd want her child not to have to go through the same experience with growing up with parents that were never there. Being the Alucard/Integra fan that I am, I think that the organization's main resident vampire would probably still find her rather attractive, if not more so, even when she's visibly pregnant (but not before giving her a lot of unnecessary grief about it first). Who's the father? Well, that's up for you to decide. ;P Note: Why does Integra have no nipple when she, by all rights, should. There's really no reason except that when I tried to add one, it kept looking like she had a smooshed chocolate chip on her breast. XD;;

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