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La Tienda De Las Muñecas
Dimensions: 600x766 pixels, 194 Kb
La Tienda De Las Muñecas by LiLoXGinArte
Artwork uploaded on Dec 13 15:56:06 PST 2009, since then it was viewed 621 times.
Artist's Commentary
This is indeed my most detailed piece, but due to the many lines it may be hard to notice that all the characters in the shelves are actually anime characters. If its possibly to full view enough, the top shelf has pikachu, emily's sock bunnies, Gingji from getbackers in chibi form and honey-sempai's bunny (done too dark). Next shelf Bleach cast then NaruxSasu, Kakashi and Haku, Luffy and Roronoa of One piece. Then Black Butler's Sebastian. Then the cast of Avatar The Last Airbender followed by the cast of Soul Eater. Next sits Jack Skellington next to Mukuro, Reborn and (half) of Tsuna Followed by Cloud and Zack Then Micky, Riku and Sora and finally Death Note's Light and L. want to see more of my art? go to demonxinxme.deviantart.com

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