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kagome hanyou form
Dimensions: 786x1017 pixels, 42 Kb
kagome hanyou form by princessUsagiMoon
Artwork uploaded on Aug 12 8:47:21 PDT 2013, since then it was viewed 753 times.
Artist's Commentary
This kagome higurashi she a meko hanyou demon she haves armor a sword called darksiaga I made it up so on her kimono she haves flowers like the same of sesshomaru but hers is yellow. Her pants are blue hakama like inuyasha and her her hair is long as sesshomaru her eyes are blue and her skin is the same type her claws is the same link as sesshomaru well she is a 3/4 demon blood and 2/4 human blood in her so she gots sesshomaru blood in her and inuyasha's blood so she haves the power of sesshomaru and inuyasha so yea that wat I got