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Slayers NEXT Finale
Dimensions: 399x553 pixels, 207 Kb
Slayers NEXT Finale by Isami-chan
Artwork uploaded on Sep 14 18:57:18 PDT 2002, since then it was viewed 1789 times and reviewed 6 times.
Artist's Commentary
(Re-uploaded cuz no one could comment on it for some reason)
Well, after watching the ending of Slayers NEXT, i just needed to do a picture. I was gonna just do a colloge of screenshots, but ended up drawing it all instead... Needless to say, this took a good while to do. my butt is numb from sitting on my chair...my eyes.. oro....
Anyway, this is kind of a mix of dramatic scenes from the finale. Lina getting possessed, Phibrizo torturing Amelia, Xellos telling everyone Lina was destroyed, Gourry reaching out for Lina, and Phibrizo just being his crazy self. He was really nuts...
Yeah, enjoy and comment as always. WEE!!

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