War of the Worlds (version 2)
[T] by: Armament Dawg
Non Anime: Transformers Fan Fiction / Alien - Series Fan Fiction / G. I. Joe Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Sci-fi / Martial Arts / Horror / Adventure / Action / Mecha | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: September 13, 2011 15:18 PDT | Chapters: 2 | Words: 19.8K | Visits: 3.1K
Summary: The Cybertron Civil War has engulfed Earth. The Decepticons are using Cobra and, later, xenomorphs ('Alien') and the Yautja ('Predator') as pawns to throw upon the Autobots and their American allies. Can GI Joe turn the tide of a conflict that threatens read more

War of the Worlds (version 1)
[T] by: Armament Dawg
: G. I. Joe Fan Fiction / Transformers Fan Fiction / Alien - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Martial Arts / Adventure / Action / Sci-fi / Mecha | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: September 13, 2011 15:02 PDT | Chapters: 5 | Words: 78.0K | Visits: 3.9K
Summary: Cobra awakens the Decepticons and, with their help, attempts to conquer the world. Can G.I. Joe stop them before they destroy America?

Based on Dreamwave Productions' 'Transformers/G.I. Joe', these are the original versions, written from 20 read more

Legend of Zelda: AvP
[T] by: Hunter_Predator
: Alien - Series Fan Fiction / Legend Of Zelda Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Sci-fi / Horror / Action | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: July 29, 2005 17:41 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 20.2K | Visits: 1.3K
Summary: Just as Link and Zelda tell each other of their true feelings, an Alien swarm emerges from the pits of Death Mountain and terririzes Hyrule. The only thing standing in their way is the only thing capable of stopping them...Predators!
Review(s): 3 Reviews

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