+Anima Fan Fiction ❯ Creppypasta X Reader (Story Choosing) ❯ Chapter 3

[ A - All Readers ]

"Your father and I hated the way the other gods and goddesses treated us, so when you were born we decided that now was the time to change. A week after you were born me and your father decided to make friends join against the other gods and goddesses..."

"You did this all for me...?" I asked looking at my mother.

"Indeed we did" she said looking back at me and smiling.

I was touched that my mother and father would do something like that. I always knew they cared about me, but sometimes they had hard times showing they did...but the fact they would do something like this for me...it....proved that they cared... I was thinking about how lucky I was to have parents that would plan to change the whole world for me, and make friends and--- wait a second....  how does Dad have friends?!?

"Mom! How the hell did dad make friends?" I asked shocked at the fact that my unsocial dad was talking with people.

"He considers them friends...like fake friends. He plans to use them, and when they have no use to him, he'll take their power from them and make them mortals," she said chuckling a bit.

"dad keeps getting crueler and cruler.." 


We stood there for a while, in silence. I had no idea what to say now, and I guess mom didn't know either

Well, we just probably get you ready..." she said as she stood up walking to the door.

"For what?" I asked curiously, standing up as well.

"Todays the big day. Go get your little friend, and meet us at the Banra river. There we will meet up with your father and his "friends". Make sure you hurry though, you know your father can be very impatient." 

"Yes, mother"

"Today is the day, my love," my mother said to me as she walked out of my room, closing the door behind her.

I looked at my raven Xia. She was a messenger and was the only one that I had since we didn't have much technology. 

I sat down near her making sure to give her a piece of the human I had killed today. After she had finished, I went to my closet to pick out what I was wearing.

"Xia, I want you to fly to Voixnia and tell her to meet me at the Banra river. Tell her its urgent." I said as I looked at an outfit, and pushed it to the side to look at the next one.

I walked to the window and opened it for Xia to fly out and send my message. I walked back to my closet and looked at the clothes that were hanging.

"Now, what do I wear...?"