.hack//Legend Of Twilight Bracelet Fan Fiction ❯ The Untold Secret ❯ The End Of The Beggining ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Moonstone logged on more serious than he had ever been in his whole life ready for training as he knew the day would soon come when he has to fight skieth and he will WIN!
Moonstone was currently at level 25 he wanted to be level 30 before he joined Kite as Kite was already at level 35. When he thought of Kite being at level 35 it made him more determined than ever to acquire the same level as Kite.
Moonstone trained and trained until he was finally at level 30 so he emailed Kite telling him to meet up with him/
Moonstone waited and waited for Kite to come and just as he was about to give up Kite came… But wait he had someone with him it was a girl she was level 35 as well… This made Moonstone very happy as now he had his team. So he received Kites member address…
To find out what happens next you must now follow Kites story, you can follow his story by purchasing the game or watching the series.
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