A, A' Fan Fiction ❯ Drifting Snow ❯ Chapter 2

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Drifting Snow


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When the door bell rang Santa jumped up and nearly spilled his beer. "Damn!" he muttered and set the bottle carefully onto the table, then he straightened up and took a deep, calming breath. That had to be Yuki... three hours late... Pasting a miffed expression over his relief Santa walked stiffly to the door and opened it. Yuki leaned with one hand against the door frame, a soft smile on his smooth features. "Yuki..." Santa grumbled.
"Santa," the older replied, still smiling gently, a bit of amusement glittering in his violet eyes.
Santa snorted and turned to walk back into the apartment, while Yuki stepped inside. He closed the door behind him and proceeded to slip his shoes off.
"You're late."
Yuki looked up, surprised and amused at the same time. "Late?" He finished taking his shoes off and pointedly straightened them, while he continued, "I didn't know we had a date..." There was a soft laugh in his voice and Santa clenched his fists unconsciously.
"Don't be so damn casual while people are worried sick, wondering what happened to you!" He stomped into the kitchen and fetched two bottles of beer from the fridge. When he turned around again, Yuki was leaning in the door frame, an infuriating amused expression on his face. Santa cursed under his breath and snorted, then suddenly threw one of the bottles over to the other man. "Here, have a beer." His voice was cool, casual, but he couldn't hold up the front. With an annoyed grunt he shouldered past Yuki and flopped down on the couch. With one swallow he drained the bottle that had still been sitting on the table and started on the new one. To hell with Yuki! He could get drunk all on his own!
Yuki had skillfully caught the bottle with one hand and twisted the cap off, still leaning leisurely in the door frame, keeping his eyes on the bottle. He smirked in silent amusement. "Now you're exaggerating, Santa." Slowly he straightened up and walked over to the couch, settling on the arm rest. He looked down on Santa who pointedly faced away from him. "Look... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you."
Santa muttered something, then said gruffly, "Accepted." Abruptly he sat back, sprawling on the couch and grinning up at Yuki. "Now let's get smashed!" he suggested cheerfully, raising his bottle of beer.
For a split second Yuki stared at Santa in surprise, then he laughed, a soft, dark laugh, and Santa found himself taking the sound in as if deeply inhaling an intoxicating perfume. He sighed, closing his eyes while leaning his head back. Suddenly he snapped out of it though. What the hell...!!! he yelled inwardly, while he felt his heart beating faster. Furtively he glanced up at Yuki. They were old friends for Christ's sake! Old friends! And that's that!
Come to think of it... Yuki had always been there for him. He was the one who stuck with him when he left Climb - because Santa's beat had pretty much saturated his body.... Damn... What the hell had that meant anyway..? he wondered once again, like every time he happened to think about it. And the way Yuki had looked at him.... His train of thoughts came to an abrupt halt when Yuki sputtered, almost choking on his beer.
"What on earth happened?" the older man managed to choke out.
"What?" Santa frowned, looking at Yuki worriedly. "What do you mean?"
Yuki wiped his mouth and with the other hand gestured around the apartment. "I didn't know your place was that big..." He chuckled and Santa snorted.
"Very funny," he snapped and pouted. Grabbing his now two empty bottles he stood up, snatched the empty bottle from Yuki's grip and vanished into the kitchen, just to reappear with a new supply of beer. Ungently he shoved the bottle into Yuki's hand and flopped back onto the couch. "I don't want you to get wrinkles before you're thirty..." he said with a sudden grin and wrinkled his nose in parody of Yuki's usual expression when entering Santa's apartment.
Yuki raised a single eyebrow in amusement and cocked his head. "Is that so... You're so considerate."

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