Do You Need Crisis Management?
 Chinese [T] by: YunciLin
Miscellaneous: Other Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: May 10, 2022 20:09 PDT | Chapters: 2 | Words: 1.2K | Visits: 31
Summary: 中文名:《舆情风暴》

查理苏×我 | 网红主播*公关专员 paro

Nishi Kaze
[T] by: Noizchild
: Original Stories Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Psychological / Drama / Supernatural | Type: Yaoi
Latest Revision: April 30, 2022 20:53 PDT | Chapters: 85 | Words: 111.6K | Visits: 22.0K
Summary: Once upon a time, there was a boy named Fujita Yuki. His parents died when he was small, his older sister acts like his mother, he had no friends, and he had been picked on all of his life. That was until a lovely demon named Shizuma came along. The two bo read more
Review(s): 15 Reviews

 Chinese [T] by: YunciLin
: Other Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: April 03, 2022 02:18 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.6K | Visits: 23
Summary: 原作:《光与夜之恋》


Hunting Rabbits | Fruits Basket (Momiji x Tohru)
[T] by: LissyWrites
: Fruits Basket Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Shoujo / Romance | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: January 04, 2022 10:57 PST | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.9K | Visits: 56
Summary: AU – After Kyo is locked away for being the cat of the zodiac, Tohru is left on her own while all the other zodiac members pretend everything is still whole. Momiji, however, knows all too well that Tohru is broken – and he is there to pick up the piec read more

Outlaw Star The Flower of Fate
[T] by: archsage328
: Outlaw Star Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Adventure / Romance | Type: Divergence
Latest Revision: November 12, 2021 19:54 PST | Chapters: 2 | Words: 6.3K | Visits: 285
Summary: Hanmyo and Jim, a pair of young innocent lovers brought together and nearly separated by fate. When Hanmyo survives her second battle with the Outlaw Star, what does the future hold for her and Jim? Episodes 20 on retold, with original adventures included

Silent Kisses - A Naruto (Sasuke x Hinata) Fic
[T] by: LissyWrites
: Naruto Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Angst | Type: Alternate Universe
Latest Revision: October 29, 2021 13:45 PDT | Chapters: 6 | Words: 9.9K | Visits: 1.8K
Summary: AU - Years after leaving Konoha, Sasuke decides to return to fill an emptiness growing inside him. Much to his surprise, his old friends don't seem to hold a grudge. Instead, they have all have moved on to life without him. Despite returning to familiar su read more
Review(s): 2 Reviews

The Raven
[T] by: SplendentGoddess
: InuYasha Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Classic | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: October 19, 2021 12:34 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 7.9K | Visits: 5.1K
Summary: Just a cute little Halloween poem-fic. It's like a song-fic, but with a poem. Sitting around the campfire, Kagome recites "The Raven" for her friends, with a few minor interruptions. Rated T for Inuyasha's potty mouth. Inu/Kag WAFF
Review(s): 49 Reviews

The Saint Was Kidnapped
[A] by: Terdwilicker
: Crossover Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Shoujo / Romance / Fantasy | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: October 10, 2021 14:16 PDT | Chapters: 3 | Words: 5.2K | Visits: 129
Summary: [Saints Magic Power Is Omnipotent][Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions][Wagnaria][When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace] xover
Takanashi Sei was isekaied to save a fairly nice world from demons. She had relatives who come looking for her becaus read more