Alien - Series Fan Fiction ❯ Floating ❯ Epilogue ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Floating. I’m like the clock now. I have one job. Floating. I have friends who also have one job. Floating. Every religion has their own theory of what happens to you after you die, but none include this. Floating.

He ate me and took my soul, so now I'm floating. I tried to get away, but now I'm floating. I wanted to warn the Loser’s Club, but now I’m floating. I wanted to find an importance in life, but now I'm floating. I wanted to graduate college, but now I’m floating. I wanted to have a family, but now I’m floating. 

Float. The clown wasn't lying when he said that I would float. Floating is all I do now. I don’t get to see my family in the after life, or in heaven. My soul just floats inside the clown while my body joins the kids floating up. My mind feels awake, but I can’t move. I can’t blink or speak. I just float. Each and every day. 


I think he's coming to finish my soul. He bites and I'm gone. I see the light. I see my family waiting for me. The clown stops me and holds me still. I try floating up but I don’t go anywhere. I just float. Stuck in the middle of life and death. Staring at my family and where I would be if we never moved to Derry. Stuck in the middle forever.